Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Girls Are Back!

Hello Sweet Ladies,

This was a pic from last year for the bachlorette party. Some of the girls are coming out to the  farm tonight!!!!!!!

Just got HOME from the college!!!!!! So nice to get out of our  uniforms and take off those silly hats! The girls and I get so hot in them. Please pray that our boss will do something about them, like let us throw them away!!!!!!! We will obey until he says we can do something different with cheerful hearts!!!!!!  

Thank you so......... for those who have signed up for the Building Our Homes Together and those who left comments and are so SWEET!!!!!  Had such a busy day.........but the Lord blessed.........more of my sweet girls are back for school and I was able to see some of them today. They asked if they could come out to the farm tonight to work with the horses. How can you say no to that? They are such precious gifts from the Lord

The girls bonded with the horses! Sweet to watch.

I was glad the horses did well............the right pic is Ballor helping Tay (our daughter) with her barrel riding! Sorry I didn't get a pic of Tay and KayRay (her horse). They both did fantastic!!!!!!!

We were all sitting on the telephone poles watching Tay barrel race.......couldn't resist this pic! Everyone of these feet love Jesus and walk with HIM! One of the girls that we didn't know real well said, "can I be one of your friends? Yep she can!!!!!!! She is officially adopted! Told her she was a daughter!

"God please use us, for Your Glory!!!!!!!" Amen!

Please pray for our legs and feet. Ouch!!!!!!!! We walk at least 5000 steps a day. Last night I had cramps in my toes.........isn't that the strangest? Never have I ever had that before.  Someone said potassium. Will eat a potato tonight. Found out it has more then a banana. Didn't know that. 

Only God could do this!!!!!!!!! He blessed us when a whole lot of people were praying for the drought.

I have wanted to share this since last weekend, but the week got a little crazy. It was  last Sunday night, my honey and I were out walking the farm. He started working on a fence, so I thought I would just go and check out the soybeans. They seemed to be really growing and getting quite green since we had the two rains. Now do you remember how everything was looking so bad and we kept asking for prayer? The corn had died on one of the son's fields, but the soybeans just seemed to keep hanging in there.  There were parts that were dying and turning yellow.  We kept praying for rain. We just didn't quit praying. 

When I went out to look at the plants closer, there were soybean
pods..........EVERYWHERE! With work and all I just hadn't looked at them. 

Some of the plants had lots of little baby pods that were coming on. Little purple flowers. You know I was so excited........I just dropped to my knees.......right there in the middle of the field. Praising and thanking my God for the impossible!!!!!!! It was a gift.......and I knew who it was for. It was for my sweet mans siblings..........and the reason I know it was, was because we kept praying that the Lord would bless them with a good crop. That is the key ladies.........don't quit asking........keep praying until He makes the answer definate. I know that many of you have been praying for years for things that you have not seen happen. I have one sweet friend that prayed for about 40 years for her marriage.....that God would make it into something beautiful. He did.......and now she reaps the sweetness of her commitment to her marriage............ God heard...........if that is you.......please keep asking........He hears EVERY WORD that comes from YOUR LIPS.........I promise! 

I have only two more days and I will be back HOME for two days. I will blessed! I can't wait to wake up and walk in my garden.....see the sun come through our will be a good day!!!!!!!!! I will enjoy the days at the college..........He is meeting me there.

Have to make a Lemon Pound cake tomorrow for 500. Should be busy......the time will fly by!

Hugs to all of you and may your day be the ONE who loves you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Oh My,...You keep putting out these Mile Markers... I can't believe it was a YEAR ago that your Girls came to the Farm...Boy time is sure Flying by ...
    I will certainly be praying for your legs and toes...

    What a blessing to see the pictures of a fruitful crop...

  2. Hi sweet dear friend,
    We are back in the "groove" of school I guess. I've been a thinkin' about you and your family being back and certainly know how hard it is to get going again. We can do it! We will just pray and think of each other!
    So happy about your "girls" coming to visit....lucky them! I'll bet they have so much fun on the farm. Oh to be young! You are so tender and sweet to think so much of all those kids and care and pray for them. They are blessed to have you in their lives.
    Love your news about the soybeans. What a blessing from God!
    I tried to order the apron....did you get it? I got a "confirmation" that it went through but maybe it didn't....otherwise I'll try again. Let me know!
    I'll email you...I have a friend at church who is coming to the college this year for school. I so want him to meet you!
    Hugs from me to you,

  3. "acquired" another daughter! She will be blessed and your family will too!!!

    Everything you are so right! Never give up praying! What is the old saying? Good things are worth waiting for!!!

    So happy about the soybeans!!! May you reap showers of blessings.

    Love you!

  4. "I just dropped to my knees.......right there in the middle of the field. Praising and thanking my God for the impossible!!!!!!!" ~ Brought tears to my eyes. Amen & Amen!

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  5. Dear blessed these girls are to have you as their new found friend! You all have so much to offer them!!! Most people don't realize how many steps those little legs and feet take...until you can't do it and then you know just how blessed you were when you could!! We were talking about that the other night, how I use to walk so much and really miss it. Funny how we take so much for granted isn't it? We all need to be thankful for all we are able to do!!

    I can't imagine baking for 500 but I know you and it will be yummy and no one will go away unsatisfied!!!

    Love to see those soybeans...yes you are right God is good!!!!

    xoxo Gert

  6. Your post made me smile my friend! How sweet you are. :) How wonderful that the LORD sent the rains and things are growing. How precious you must be to all those young ladies...what a blessing! Continue to follow the LORD always.

    BTW...I stopped by the other day and didn't have time to comment...Happy Anniversary!! The LORD just shines through in your posts...HE is Precious! Thank you for sharing your love of HIM!

    Love to you!

  7. The girls seemed to have fun on those photos.

    Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

  8. Love this post! Love all those feet walking for the Lord! You are so amazing Linda. I love you dearly. God Bless you always Anne


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