Friday, August 12, 2011

Simplicity.......thanking the Lord!

Dear Sweet ladies,

First I have to say thank you for all the precious comments and emails. I would have written to you all sooner, but had to go to work again this morning, had orientation. I will be writing each one of you on Saturday that wrote me!!!!!! 

This is what I like........when I can have it. 

It is late (Friday night)..........the week is over from serving at the college (thank you Father).......the grand children are driving down the lane (it was nice to have my little people with tonight).........and I just need to connect with my bloggy friends (I have to be the most blessed lady in the world).  This last week turned into a work week which I was not expecting to have to be there so much. I had this whole last week all planned out so when this coming Monday came, I would be all set. Wrong. Life hits you with those curves right? Yesterday I had to leave for work soon after the dogs came and killed my ducks, chickens and kitten. It was good that I had my mind all day plating 150 desserts for a noon catering and 230 plates of dessert for a evening catering.......stayed to clean and came home at 10 at night in the dark, so I didn't have to see everything again. My sweet man cleaned the area for me before this morning. Talked to the family yesterday who had the dogs.........they denied it even though it was their dogs. Couldn't believe people would actually not take responsibility for their animals and not tell the truth. I guess they don't understand that one day they will be standing before the Lord, giving an account. Scary. I don't dislike these people. Just really sad. They will live no different. We will live differently on our farm. No ducks waddling around unless I am waddling with!!!!! did that make you smile? This morning I went to check on the two ducks that were wounded. I will show pictures tomorrow. They don't look bad, just can't walk real good.  The black duck is down in the Milk Barn with the banties teenagers.........they snuggle up together. That makes me smile!  On the door is my simplicity sign. He seems to be doing fine, but he has to crawl everywhere. I did see him stand tonight for a few seconds though. I will baby him back to health! He will probably become real tame with all the handling. Good thing.......I will think on that. The other duck that is wounded is my all white one. It is really neat to see the Peking duck that I incubated is guarding it like you wouldn't believe. Love watching how protective he is. Just stands by and chases the other chickens away. I will try to get a video of it. I am trusting the Lord with this. Asking Him to show me the good things out of this awful situation. Keeping my heart open so the neighbors don't make me into a bitter woman! It sure could happen for me........don't want it to though. It rises it's ugly head and I place it again with the Lord. He is my defender! It is a good thing.......I would be so bad at it! I have written and feel better. I am so tired and weepy so better get my body in bed.........I can wake up to my HOME and farm tomorrow.........two days ahead of me before I have to go to the college. I will enjoy every minute of my two days! I do heart you precious women and young ladies that follow me. May the Lord bless you richly for the sweetness you bring into my life.

Sweet Camille, I am so sorry we won't get to have you on our farm all the way from Texas, this Sunday. I am so thankful for the news on your sweet man! One day we will meet!

Hugs sweet ladies, 



  1. I am so sorry that you lost your animals. That is so sad that people will not stand up and tell the truth. You have such a sweet spirit and a great attitude. I hope you enjoy your weekend.

  2. i didn't leave a comment on your other post but please know that my heart broke for what happened on your farm. (((((hug)))))

    bless you,

  3. What a terrible tragedy. I am praying for peace and healing for you and your ducks. It is really hard to have something like that happen. Glad you are keeping it in the Lord's hands. "Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might." *hugs*

  4. Oh, Linda! I'm so sorry. You've had such a rough go with neighborhood dogs! But you're right... God is teaching though these moments of suffering.

    Enjoy your last two days of summer vacation!

  5. Linda,

    I can SO see you waddling out there with your cute ducklings :D That made me smile! I'd get out there and waddle with you if I could!

    Love you!


  6. Oh Linda I did not know you had to go back to work so soon! But in this economy it is good to work. I try to serve the Lords but it is tough where I am. Let's just pray for each other! Love you! Anne


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