Monday, August 8, 2011

Sitting In The College Cafe!

Good Morning sweet ladies,

Without internet rained last night a little and a little this I am NOT GOING TO COMPLAIN! I am happy........and the crops are NOOOOOO problem, just a little inconvenience right? My sweet man needed to get on the computer so we are sitting at a table at the college. It is quite it! The sun is shining outside after we had a nice gentle rain and the only a few kids are here on campus. We have only a few weeks until we will be everyday at the college. 

I still have things I want to get finished at Home want it in order, before we are full time at the college. The girls and I have been working hard to get that finished up.  I have a little sewing room off the side of our dining room. When I first started serving, (not calling it working) I am on a mission with my missionaries.......sent by the Lord.......following along side my sweet man, to LOVE ON over 400 college kids........that NEED families. As some of you know I absolutely love being a stay at HOME Momma..........loved it..........never wanted to leave my HOME! Well, we found ourselves without income.......and something needed to be done. Sooooooo we prayed.......God answered as only He can do. WE ALL GOT JOBS TOGETHER AT THE SAME PLACE! We were quite specific in our prayers and He blessed us. The first month the girls and I were boohoo babies. They also love their HOME, but the Lord helped us we leaned on the Him. He showed Himself sooooo faithful. He gave us bigger hearts for the needs of the families who have sent their children to the college we are at now. We will be off work at 2:00 in the afternoon, so we still have a whole day left at the farm. God is so precious! 

Okay I got off.........I have been getting a lot of organizational ideas from Pinterest. I found this. Isn't this the sweetest idea? 
I am going to wrap some of my threads on to some of my old old clothes pins. I will store them in one of the huge jar I have been collecting from the college kitchen! Love it!
I have so many scraps. I want to do this! Wouldn't they be so sweet on a shelf? I would do red for red scraps, yellow, green, blue and so on! 

I have a cupboard like this in storage in the barn.........MOVING IT IN! Great for storage. 

Like a lot!!!!!!!

Is anyone else doing Pinterest here is mine, ......would love to see yours if you are!

Just wanted to say hello.........hope you enjoyed your weekend!

My ducks are very very happy puddle jumping and eating all the bugs! 

Hugs to your day sweet ladies, 



  1. What Great Ideas you posted. I really want to learn to sew more and love those bags. I also think that is a great idea to use them to color coordinate your scraps. So much so, that you have me thinking about making some crocheted bins in different colors for my yarns. I've seen different patterns for crocheted baskets - going to have to find them.



  2. I have followed you over to Pinterest but I have not set it up yet to get started. I have used the clothespin idea. I have quart jars for the different colors and have ribbon wrapped around some of my old clothespins. I enjoyed seeing what you have pined and when I get around to starting mine I will let you know. Have a great week!

  3. Hi Linda! Thanks for the great links, love those photos. I tried to put a message on your last post, but blogger wouldn't let me so I'm trying again. I didn't get to go to Reliant Stadium even though I'm just nw of Houston, but I listened through the link you posted, it was awesome. Thank you for the prayers for rain, things are very bad here but like you say God is in control and will send rain when He's ready. Love & Hugs, Jeannie

  4. Hi ladies,

    Sandra, cute idea with the yarn!!!!! I love yarn also!

    Brenda,please do, it really is so fun! There is such a fun network going on! I find so many wonderful ideas to pin and have already done and cooked some wonderful things. Do let me know!

    Hey Jeannie, welcome! Glad blogger let you!!!!!!! I so wish I could have gone. I am sure the time there was incredible! I have heard that Texas is real bad. Sorry! Praying that God will send the rain needed! Thank you for commenting, hope all is well!

    Hugs sweet friends, Linda

  5. Hey Linda! I love that cupboard! You are one amazing sweetheart! Anne


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