Friday, August 5, 2011

Let It Be Known

Hello Sweet ladies, 

Missed ya!!!!!!!  Oh my..........IT RAINED!!!!!!! 3/4th inch. That meant we were without internet service from Wednesday evening until yesterday. I can't complain the rain was wonderful. Before the rain came though I had noticed that when I walked outside the grass beneath my feet just crunched, it was so dry. It was getting really sad around our farm and not just ours but it is all over our country. We are all learning to trust through all these situations so many are faced with.  I just have to remind myself that the Lord cares and He has a bigger picture of what He wants it to look like and I fit in it perfectly. 

We could see from the south that the rain was coming and we were going to get a straight shot. 

The sky was looking darker and darker.......clouds were rolling in and we were getting excited!!!!!!!!! We kept checking the radar and it was looking like IT WAS COMING!!!! Then around 7 in the evening it came. You should have seen me. I asked my sweet man if we could take the old farm truck, drive behind the farm and watch it come in. We did. It was still very warm at the time so we had the windows rolled down and it was so muggy.

Then it sheets and hard. We hurriedly rolled up the windows and watched.......and Praised God! Of course you know I took my record this historic eventful! Smile. It had been a long time for us since we have had rain. Our crops have been severely hurt by not having rain.  It was so beautiful to actually seeing it rain, falling on the family was what we had been praying for....... for months. 

We gave thanks........and Praise to the Lord. The smell was wonderful and it smelled so fresh! You know what I am talking about!!!!!!!!!

As we were sitting there in the hot hot truck and watching the rain a  text came in on our phone........from a precious friend, this is what she said,

"There is a sports dome full of believers in Texas praying for those of us in drought right now, let it be known to the Glory of my JESUS, IT IS POURING BUCKETS..........HIGH
WINDS...........LITTLE HAIL........SHEETS AND SHEETS OF WATER. I AM STANDING IN IT CRYING. I can feel the rain like a soft answer to the prayers of His children, He is incredible"!!!!!

Yes Libby He is!!!!!!!!!

Then I wrote on my facebook that it was raining........and another friend wrote and said, "Praising God with you! I was part of an international prayer group praying for rain for our drought-stricken areas today. Thank you Lord

I didn't know that anything was going on Wednesday..........but one thing I know.......God heard their prayers and we were blessed. For that we are so grateful. Don't quit praying until all have rain!!!!!

I know all across our nation, tomorrow (Sat. 6th) believers are coming together to pray for our land. I am praying that God will be honored and His name will be lifted up. That His Name would be lifted high, and the prayers would be a sweet aroma to Him. Please ladies tell you husbands if they haven't heard, that tomorrow is a day to pray as a world. How precious it would be if all over the world Father's of our homes would bend the knee with their families and lead them in worship before our God. If there are not Daddy's in your home or you are single, please take time out. HE WILL HEAR US! May we repent of our ways..........and get right with Him. 

Yesterday I stopped by our friends, the Yoder's. I had picked up peaches from their church and stopped by their home to say hello. I love to come and see the two girls who care for their Momma, but my special treat is always Grandma Yoder.  To sit and eat at Grandma Yoder's table is a wonderful time for me!!!!!!! I went to hold her hand and she held mine with both of hers. It was a precious time with Grandma who is 91 years old. I knew I needed a pic of this. Marian took the pic. I will treasure it for ever. Wanted to share it with you! 

Rosa served A super salad! Cucumbers, onions and zucchini that had been shred into a bowl, add 2 tlb. spoons of vinegar, same of  coconut oil, 1/2 cup honey and salt to taste. She shared some cucumbers with, so I came home and made it last night for dinner. It is a really lite salad and very easy to make. 

This is what I will be doing today............I will enjoy making a peach pie with a lattice top.......sugar sprinkled on the top.......oh and a little ice cream........I will serve it to my sweet man...........he will like.........a lot!!!!!! So will the girls and I.
I will give you the recipe tomorrow............Lord willing if I have internet! Smile

If you have a prayer that you would want to be prayed for, write in the comments or send me a private email. We will pray and wait on what the Lord wants to do.

Hugs to your day and know that I will pray for you and yours!


P.S. If you are one who has come to my blog from Gooseberry Patch..........please say hello. I would love to meet you! 


  1. I just wanted to stop in today to tell you how much your blog posts bless me. I am always so excited to read what you have to say and to see your pictures. Praising God that you received some rain. It would be ok with me if it rained a few weeks and cooled the temps down some here in Georgia. The Lord is in control though and He is always on time.

  2. Love the picture of yours and Grandma Yoder's hands. Beautiful!
    Tomorrow my husband, son and I will be joining with other believers in Houston, Tx to pray for our nation. I am so glad to hear this will be going on around our country. We so need a return to God.
    We really need rain here in Texas. Farmers and everyone. Please pray.

  3. Hello Susan, thank you for taking the time to write me a comment! I love it when I know who is reading! It was so wonderful when the rain came. I have heard that it has quite hot everywhere. My honey said it isn't anything new. We have different shift ever so often. I guess it is our turn. I am so thankful for the Lord's faithfulness. It helps to know He is in control!

    Hi Camille. oh how I wish I could go with. Please tell me what it was like. I am sure it will be wonderful! All those lifting prayers up? Can only imagine what a beautiful site that would be! Send me a pic if you can.

    Hugs to you both and again thank you for writing! Linda

  4. Your post was a blessing to me today! Love and prayers,

  5. So happy you got RAIN!!!! Thank you, Jesus!

  6. Linda...

    Praise God for that much needed rain!!!

    Love your new are so gifted! Your pictures are so great!!!

    Time for bed...

    xoxo Gert

  7. Your post was beautiful and refreshing! I have prayed for rain for you ever since you said you needed it. We walk/run around two little lakes and I notice how the shoreline is receding because we need more rain. But I am glad you got it first cause we had lots in the Spring time! I pray daily for Vitaliy. I ask pryer for my son Jeremy. He takes the test tomorrow for his teaching certificate. It is quite difficult. You need to know history from 500 B.C. to the present and he said the E-Con is so difficult. But my friend Alyn another wonderful prayer warrior said he should not be fearful and she felt God will allow him to do very well. I am praying for him. He has been stressed out! Prayer will be gratefully welcomed from my phamily to yours. Thanks

  8. Hi Sherry, I am so glad it did that for you. We all need a blessing. We had a quiet more rain, but I can't believe what the rain has done for the garden and weeds! Thank you so for coming over!

    Hi Miss Amy, It was so wonderful! The weather is quite humid now, but we don't care. The crops may not make it, but it will be good reserve for the land!

    Glad you like the header Gert. You must tell how your red hat day went! Time for bed for me also. I am sooooooo tired! Hugs

    Anne, you just make my heart smile. I love how you walk and pray! I prayed for your son and will continue, please keep me posted. I am sure he must be nervous!

    Thanks for coming over ladies and leaving a note!!!!!
    Blessings, me

  9. That cucumber salad sounds delicious and the photo of the mason jar is charming. How beautifully God answered the prayers for rain.

  10. Just want to say hi and I love you...


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