Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It Is Going To Be A Hot One Today.....110!

Hello sweet ladies, 
Oh my, yesterday was so precious. I enjoyed being with all the children.....one was 3 and he was so sweet....but..........NO BABIES! Maybe next Monday! For those of you who just came to my blog today for the first time, my daughter in love had a "Mom's Day Out" yesterday.  To raise money to adopt a Ukrainian 13 year old boy to live with them here in America! We raised $278 . What a blessing! We did a little video show for the children ages 3 to 13 of pictures we had of our Vitaliy. The children seemed to enjoy it and asked so many questions. This will make others more aware of adoption. This is a wonderful fundraising idea, if you need one.

Gives a momma a little time to get a lot of errands done. 

Vitaliy would have to be put on the street at the age of 16. How sad. There is so much sex trafficking going on in the world,  because of all the children not having a place to go.  Right now there are 700,00 Russian orphans ready for adoption. I can hardly fathom that in my mind! If you are interested in doing like Josh and Tonya did at the beginning by hosting a child, check out New Horizons For Children, Inc. You can host a child to come and be with you for 4-5 weeks over the CHRISTmas holiday or for different times in the summer. 

Here is a little disclaimer. I want you to know that I am journaling our journey and making you aware of what is going on. Some of you have asked how you can help.....we are just trying to provide some ways. Please feel nnnnnnnooooo pressure. I know I keep saying this, but I so appreciate you who come to my blog each day and don't want you to feel like I am asking for your hard earned money. We have had some ideas that we are coming up with, so if you might need a gift or like what we have you can buy. I realize it is a very tough time out there, we know it well.  Thank you for your interest in V. 

This is my Tressa (my fav pic.....we were shopping)..........she will be going to the Ukraine on the second trip. It will be the end of Sept. or the first part of October. She is learning so much! She's almost 20 and this will be her first time to travel overseas. She has always wanted to do something like this......now is her chance. Momma is a little nervous Smile. I will learn to trust my Lord on a whole new level! 

Remember when I told you when we went to the Yoder Poultry Auction that the children and I picked up feathers? Well here is some that we found. I marvel at the detail that the Lord did for our enjoyment!!!!!! Tressa is using some of them and making these fun headbands...........


 to raise money for her trip to the Ukraine.



If you are interested in buying a headband they can be found at her blog........

Our garden is holding up okay......water water water....... pray that the Lord will bring us rain soon please. He sure has our attention. 

Picked our last cantaloupe. The heat is finally getting it. My new ducks are wanting things green, so they snuck into the garden and started chomping. Not nice. Don't blame them at all. I have a fence around the garden now to protect what I do have. They have plenty to eat.......they just like my stuff. 

This momma kitty is feeding some that are not even hers. Thought some kitty lovers (my sister in love, Linda (hello)) would like. 

Here is a little lovely. Asked for permission to use this picture from Manuela. I so want to make this. A sweet friend jAne always finds the sweetest things on for Pinterest. This was one! I am noticing more  and more followers that are following me on my Pinterest. Thank you! I am enjoying your pins! It is a nice thing to treat yourself to everyday, when time permits. So many beautiful ideas out there in blogland. 

Remember tomorrow is Building Our Homes Together With JESUS. Be ready if you would like to link up!!!!!!!! 

This is kind of a potpourri day today on my post. 

Hugs to your day!!!!!!! Stay cool!



  1. I enjoy reading your posts and following your stories and adoption saga, and the feather headbands are lovely.

  2. 110?!?! That makes our projected 105 here in mid-MO look almost cool, huh? I love those headbands.. beautiful. My green beans have never bloomed, and now they are dying. My tomatoes are succumbing to the blight and heat, as are the cukes and the other miscellaneous items in the garden. Woe is me! But the chickens will be happy with the 'junk' I throw them.. lol. I know it could be worse - but I for one am looking forward to Fall this year (pretty sure my chickens and cows and donkeys and goose & dogs & cats are too :)) Bless you and yours, Linda. Try and stay cool, if that is possible! -Tammy

  3. I don't know if it is the same everywhere in America but children who are in the foster system here in America are put out on the streets when they turn 18 whether or not they have a place to go or a way to support themselves, at least in the state of Arkansas. I bet if you checked with a social worker in your area you would find the same thing there. I still believe however that Vitaliy deserves to come to America and be adopted, especially since he's been here already and has found his family. A good Christian home and the word of God is just what he needs of that I'm sure. I feel God has a purpose for him here with Josh and Tonya and their family and yours. Just think of how he can spread the gospel when he is older! Amen

    Hugs XX

  4. Hello Terra,
    Thank you for you kind words. Tressy is having so much fun making the headbands. She sold two today on fb. What a blessing!!!!!!! It has been fun to journal V's adoption. One day he will read about all you ladies have prayed for and sweet things you have said. I will make sure he will know.

    Hey Flat Creek Farm. We got a little little coolness to the air tonight. Nice change. My beans grew and died. Ugh! I got a few cukes and now they are just hanging on. Yep! I am looking to fall also.........never wanted it so much before. Well that I can remember! 97 tomorrow. Cool wave coming through!

    Barbara, thank you for your kind words. Blesses my heart to hear you speak of our V in such a special way. Can't wait to share with him! He does know of Jesus. Please pray for his safety.........we are so thankful we have the Lord on our side!

    Hugs to you all and thank you for commenting today. Linda

  5. It has been and is again a hot one here in Southern GA the humidity is what kills us, so very humid and in 3 digit numbers too. WHEWW, thank God for AC, have a great day, and love all your news and that excitement it brings.

  6. Hello,
    Stop by for a visit and enjoyed my stay as always. I always am inspired by your posts. Keep them coming. Love the headbands!

  7. Linda you are just a kind soul. I am praying for the family and the trip overseas. I love knwoing you and your encouragement here is something more people could use for their benefit. Thank you Hugs and Blessings Anne

  8. Somehow I stumbled across your blog and i am glad I did. We are adopting a special needs orphan. It is so sad what happens to these children when they age out or in our sons case if he is sent to a mental institution :( www.justonemore4us.blogspot.com

  9. Hi Linda,

    Thank you so much for featuring the conservatory that my sweet husband made for me! You have a lovely blog and it's very nice to meet you!


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