Saturday, August 20, 2011

He Has A Name.............

GOOD MORNING SWEETIE LADIES! I am in my element.........Home! I woke up this morning at 8. Now that is soooo much better then 4:45 or 5 wouldn't you say. I went to bed with rain and when I peeked through the bedroom curtains........I looked and light mist falling on the farm..........

it made mud puddles for the ducks. I will let 3 of them out to play a bit  today......... I can watch them more careful. Thanking my Father for Saturday's and Sundays......makes my life a little sweeter!!!!!!!! 

Outside  the pen.............jumpin puddles together.

The black duck that I have down in the milk barn is doing quite well. The white duck that is in the big coop is still limping.........found out last night she is a she.......Miss Limpy is her name.........hope she will give me some babies. 

Now for the new rooster. My farm girlfriend Gail......who lives down the road called and said she had a young rooster that I could have if I would like.........."sure" I said. A storm was rolling in across the horizon (looked promising), right before their family got to our farm. He was a beauty, more darker red than mine that was killed. 

I put him by the side of the house where Miss Shelby lives in the night time. She flies up in a tree right outside our kitchen window, at dusk every night. This pic is from our kitchen window. I had to leave early in the morning and sure enough the new rooster was crowing and so was all the other guys on in the farmyard. Sweet sound. I needed a name for the new guy! So as some of you know I put up a fun name contest on my Prairie Flower Farm facebook. You ladies were so much fun!!!!!!!!!! I told you that I would give a little gift to the winner of the name. 

When I got home after working at the college bakery I saw how the new rooster was not being very nice. He started to come at me.......I kept thinking........he can't really be doing this is he? Yup he was. My honey got pecked in the knee by him......and he got close to Miss Shelby and pecked off some of Miss Shelby's feathers that were "attached to her head" before he attacked her. I was one unhappy Miss Prairie Flower! 

Tressy was grabbing those feathers as fast as she could for her headbands!!!!!!!! Heeeheee, she was not a nice girl..........."JUST KIDDING"! Well he almost became rooster and dumplings last night. I called Gail...........she thought that he was just a little confused, because when he was given to her he came with some other chickens that were his friends. It was really funny when they were getting ready to leave our farm. As we remembered he seemed to want to get in their truck as she was shutting the door. I asked her if she wanted him back.............. NOOOOO! She had to many roosters as is. Her honey said, "throw him in a pot". My thoughts exactly, smile! Gail thought to put him in the big coop with the other chickens. I will try and see how that works today. 

So now for the name.........if he ends up in the pot at least he will go with a name. Heehee! I called my little 4 year old grandson to help me pick  name and he said,

"Mr. Woosta"
Karin Leslie said "Wr called ours "Woosta" which was the way 3yr olds say rooster. 

Well I guess 4 year olds do also.

Love you all sweet ladies...........going to have a fun day on the farm today!!!!!! My granddaughter is coming to spend the night. We will have some memory making times tonight! 

Please ladies pray for Josh and Tonya..........their protection as they travel, that their hearts and minds would stay on the faithfulness of their Heavenly Father.......they leave next week. They need the Lords help on this one! The battle is just beginning. Pray Truth over them. God is more powerful! We are asking for mountains to be moved and miracles to happen. Faith~ in those things we can not see.........because it is really all about Him anyway! 

Welcome new were me!

Thank you so much,



  1. Hello Linda...

    Yea! You are home!!!! *Smile*

    I like the name! It's cute...woosta and dumplings....sounds pretty good to me. ;)

    Praying for Josh and Tonya. What day do they leave?

    Hugs & prayers,

  2. Oh Linda.. I was hoping this beautiful rooster would be a sweet addition to your farm...but...lets just keep our fingers crossed and most of all ask God to calm him down a tab! (I always hated them when they would peck at your feet and calfs like that...actually scared me as a child:( )

    My prayers continue with Josh and Tonya as well as with your family during this time of travel and concern.

    Glad you are 'home' and enjoying LIFE!!!

    xoxo Gert

  3. I happened by. Woosta and dumplins for Sunday Dinner? sounds good! We have several woosts'a, also. Trying to decide what to do as the hens are getting ready to lay. We might end up with woosta and dumplins, too.
    Loved your blog.

  4. p.s. Are you the Linda that was looking for the music to a song I posted called "Turn back my child." I saw a comment just recently but had no idea which or who Linda was since my computer crashed. I think Linda was wanting it for a friend that wanted to sing it. I do have the music if I can find the right person.

  5. Haha - I laughed out loud when I read, "ell he almost became rooster and dumplings last night"!!! That was TOO funny! I hope he starts behaving... or else! =)

  6. Oh that rooster is one stinker isn't he? I am afraid of chickens! But he should realize he can be dinner! Ha Ha! Better behave himself! Love his new name. Take care. Blessings to you and yours Anne

  7. I treat my two roosters just like a dog I am training. Silly as it sounds, I lay them on their side if they misbehave and hold them there! Just a couple minutes. Also if it's serious.. I will hold them by their feet (gently) upside down just a few seconds. Anything to get the point across that *I* am boss. And you know what? my two roos are the sweetest little gentlemen - to me anyway, but not to the hens so much (another story there! lol) Bottom line though, you can train a rooster in a kind manner - to respect humans ;) -Tammy


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