Sunday, August 28, 2011

Grammie and Poppa Camp 2011

Hello sweet ladies,

The grandkids have been having a wonderful time running allllllll over the farm. The only thing I need is to provide food and WATER! That is a full time job..........I feel like I get to going one direction and then I have to turn and go another way. I love it~ It is a little warm today, but that is not bothering them at all. 

Our church pews............just for things like this.........

This morning we are having family church at home, in the Potter's Shed. Thought I would show you a picture of the crew..........they make my life real happy! Soon we will add one more to the pew! That will make our family complete...........for awhile anyway. 

Heavenly Father thank you for giving us have been so good to us. I ask that You would take each one and use them for Your Glory. I pray that many would hear the good news from their lips. May they continue to stay in Your Word and grow in wisdom. That they would know who you are. Please be with our Josh and Tonya.....thank you for getting them to their destination safely, I am so grateful.......... please  give them a blessed time with V..........and may he know he is so loved by our family.  I also ask that You would bless each lady that comes to my blog today. Give them all that they need for this day and let them know that they are so YOU and me! 

In Jesus name, Amen

Time for church. We are making memories.

Hugs to your day! 


  1. Oh Linda what a wonderful post! I am so happy for you, getting to 'make memories' with your grandchildren!

    xoxo Gert

  2. What happy memories you are making together!!

  3. AMEN. Thank you for the beautiful thoughtful prayer for all of us. Love always, Mary S

  4. You have the most beautiful heart, Linda! Just want to thank Our Heavenly Father for you and who you are~a dear friend, wonderful mother and grandmother, precious wife to your 'Man', and the beautiful example of a true Christian woman for so many!
    May God Bless you real good!(Didn't Minnie Pearl used to say that?)

  5. Aw, what a sweet picture of your preciousness!! God is so very, very good to us, isn't He?

  6. Linda, what a beautiful family you have..and thank you for the prayers for all of us..I am struggling right now so I thank you especially..I am keeping Josh and Tonya and Vitaly in my prayers for safe travels and His care.


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