Monday, August 22, 2011

A Sweet Giveaway Is Going On For V.

Hello Sweet Ladies!

I received a call the other night from one of my precious blogger friends........Angelina, who has a beautiful blog called........

she is hosting a giveaway in honor of our daughter Tressa. The instructions are over at her blog called ........

You will love her blog! 

One more precious thing I have to tell you that happened today. Remember how I have been asking for prayer for V's adoption......and all that goes with it. Some complications are arising and we really need the Lord's wisdom. Well today Tonya and Tressa did the last Mom's Day out, because Josh and Tonya will be leaving this Saturday for the first trip to the Ukraine to finalize the adoption of V. They had only a few children. After the children all left Tressa called me at the bakery all excited. God used some families in a huge way. A check was handed to Tonya. She opened it up and it was for $1000.00, Tonya kept looking at it like there was a mistake with the numbers.

 Tressa then went to count the money in the donation jar............$68.00 in cash. There was another check all folded up. Tressa opened was for another $1000.00. They about started to cry! $2068.00 for babysitting 15 children!!!!!!! We are praising God for His provisions.  Thank you ladies for praying for our family. I have to say that I believe your prayers were a part of this answer!!! Just had to tell you! We are so humbled by everyones kindness to our family! It is fun to see everything unfold.......soon we will have V will be nice when it is all said and done! Adoption is hard........but so worth it! God says so!

Hugs to you all from my farm,



  1. Wow! What a blessing that is! God is sooo good isn't He? Everything in His timing!
    I will pray that things continue to go so well!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs Granny Trace

  3. Hi Linda
    I have a few spare minutes where I can creep here & catch up on all your news - sounds like V's adoption is going well, which is wonderful - definitely an answer to prayer!!!
    I love it when God moves in people's hearts to give generously ~ Such a Mighty God we serve!!!!
    Hope you are going well & have a lovely day - I'll pop over to Angelina's blog soon ( have it on my sidebar too)

  4. Oh, Linda, that brings tears to my eyes and fills my heart with joy. I can hardly wait to see God's answers to all the prayers that have gone up for this family and that sweet little boy. Blessings and love from my home to yours.

  5. Hi Linda,
    Wow...that's so exciting. It really made me happy to hear about all the money that is pouring in for Vitaliy's adoption :) :) :) There are lots of people praying him HOME to Kansas :) :) :) Thanks for the update!!!!

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  6. Wonderful news about the donations, Linda!!! That was exciting!!

    I already popped over to Angelina's....I think it is awesome that she is doing this for Tressa!!!

    I'll blog about the giveaway later today.

    Love you!

  7. PRAISE GOD!! Oh my, that does make me cry! Thank you sweet Jesus! How faithful He proves Himself over and over again.

  8. That's wonderful news, Linda! So happy for your family. God is good ~

  9. Thanks be to our Wonderful Lord. He answers prayer in so many ways! God makes miracles out of what seems insignificant: fragile faith, a little kindness and ordinary people. (Julie Ackerman)

  10. Oh Linda, that is such wonderful news. God is so faithful. I will continue to pray. We still need rain here in Texas desperately, keep us on your prayer list. Blessings!

  11. How precious, Linda! I had tears in my eyes when I saw that total. Oh, how I wish I had some extra money right now, but we're just trying to make it to payday right now. But please know that the children and I pray for your whole family every night before bed.

  12. Praise God! Continuing to pray for all involved in the adoption process.


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