Wednesday, August 3, 2011

10th Building Our Homes Together/Jesus

Hello Sweet ladies,

As many of you know we have worked on Purses with Promises right from our HOMES and the Lord used us big time. We are still wanting to collect used but in new condition purses when ever you come up with more. Another idea has been to collect sheets, blankets, pillowcases and towels. FEMA is bringing in trailers for some of the 8000 homes that were destroyed. Sherry the precious lady that started Purses with Promises talked to one of the ladies from the Forest Park Baptist Church. They are the one of the churches in Joplin that was not destroyed. The have been doing such a huge job so please be praying for them. They are exhausted. Sherry had heard that the people of Joplin were needing things for the trailers for the families! You know Sherry...........she gets out there. She called me and had the idea of calling this a HOUSE WARMING PARTY. She called a lot of the hotels. They all had places that they gave the beddings to, but she didn't stop. She finally found someone that would give. 

picture from parisapartment

She went to the hotel and there were 15 or 18 boxes sitting in front of  her. Now can you imagine........ if just 50 of us do something like this? They are storing the boxes of linens at a church by their home. They don't have room for this many boxes. Heehee......small problem for God!  If anyone lives in the Dallas/FortWorth area and has a truck to transport these boxes to Joplin they would appreciate it! They have a van, but that will not work. If you have a church in their area, maybe you could work something out to help. Get some retired  families to help. Sherry and Jim are in a really busy time in their life right now and can't leave. I am praying that the Lord will raise up a family and get the linens to Joplin. Pray with please, this is so exciting!!!!!!!!! Write me (email addy on top right on side bar and put WILL HELP SHERRY in the subject line. I will get info to you! 

Here is the addy to the church. 

ATT: Mission Joplin

Forest Park Baptist Church
725 South Highview
Joplin, MO 64801

Also the lady that I talked with there at the church said that gift cards can also be sent. Put ATT: Mission Joplin on the envelope. Look around your HOME.........look at everything you have. 8000 families do not have anything. A gift card would help set up their HOME...........what a precious thing we can do for the Lord and these families. Kinda of like a HOUSE WARMING PARTY! 
They will take used in good condition mixers, plates, anything that could be used in their homes. We can be so creative right from our own homes! 

I know that there are other places in America that have had  tornados, floods and such going on also. Do the same in those areas. Find a church that is helping families and give a little. It will go a long way! God wants to use our families from our HOMES!

If you have time call some hotels and see if they have linens to spare...........get your church involved!!!!!! 

I am so excited to see what the Lord is going to do through us! He is willing.........He just needs workers!

One more thing before I go. Our Josh and Tonya have reserved tickets for a travel date of August 27th for 2 weeks. Tressa and Tonya will go back and leave on the 24th of Sept. The time is acctually here......the thing we have been praying about for months. Precious is our Lord. Tonya also found out that the head mistress of the orphanage is filling the children that are scheduled to be adopted with all kinds of lies. Praise God we have a Father that is the FATHER to the fatherless right in their midst! Some of the children are not coming to America, because they are believing the lies. This is just sick! Momma's hearts are being broken because of these lies. Please please get on your knees for all the children and please include our V. Pray for peace for my Tonya also. She wants her son to come and be able to adopt him and have him live in their HOME. God is bigger than this lady who needs Jesus. Pray also for her salvation. Thank you so are the most precious ladies! 

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I HEART you sweet ladies!



  1. So exciting to see what God is doing on several fronts! Thanks for sharing. Will definitely pray for the children in the orphanage and for the one who is trying to deceive them. Thankfully, God is greater and far more powerful than Satan!

  2. Thank you Mrs. true so eyes are steadfast on Him and what He wants to accomplish!!!!!!! Blessings my sweet friend. You encouraged my heart!
    Blessings, Linda

  3. "GOD is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or think."

  4. Linda you are so precious. I am happy to know you! I am praying for Joplin and will look around and see what I can come up with! Love to you! Anne

  5. Thanks, my sweet Linda, for the encouragement to move into action! You are loved and prayed for often. Can't wait for Vitaly to get home. He must know that all the lies he hears are not true; you all have proven yourselves to him.

  6. Heavenly Father, You sent the Great Shepherd to give abundant life. May it be so for ALL of the children being lied to. By the ALMIGHTY POWER of the shed blood of the Lamb we pray against the thief that would steal, kill or destroy. Gatekeeper: please STOP the enemy. May these children come to only KNOW the TRUTH, Your LOVE, and be set free from any bondage. Praise You and thank You, Jesus for hearing our prayers and doing Your will on earth as it is in heaven. AMEN and AMEN

  7. Question, darlin',

    Is that the address for the purses, too? Or is this for sheets, etc.?

    I have a few purses I'd like to send.

    (I already sent household goods to Tuscaloosa, AL, where the devastation is tremendous, as well.)




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