Thursday, October 4, 2012

An Unexpected Gift!

Hello sweet ladies,

There are so many tomatoes on our bushes. I was waiting for them to ripen and this week I have to get them picked or they are going to freeze........I did....last night and now........

I am a bit under the weather. It really made my allergies kick in being out in the garden! Have that groggy feeling in my head. Anyway last night after I got the tomatoes picked.....I knew that I just couldn't get the rest of them. I called my friend's Rosa and Marian. They are two unclaimed blessings and my sweet sweet friends. I told them they could come and glean from my 40 plants.  Their tomatoes did not fair well at today they came. I got to see Rosa when I got home.....that was a treat! We don't get to visit like we used to before I started at the college. So we visited and then she had to go. It was a treasured visit. I miss getting to see them. Our girls had brought in this bag.

When I came into the kitchen it was on the counter. I just love surprises......always doesn't have to be expensive at all just a surprise. 
It said,
"Something for you. Thanks for the tomatoes.

RY (Rosa Yoder)

I opened it up and found a bag of dried Apple Mint Tea leaves and fresh shelled pecans. What a sweet and thoughtful gift. The girls and I will save.......everything....... until the holidays. 

I knew exactly what we were going to use the pecans for......... our favorite CHRISTmas Apple Fresh Cake (Recipe). We make it every year as gifts. Easy and so so delicious. 

Today a very special thing happened in the caf. I am thinking about how to share it with. I will write about it over the weekend. 

I put this up on fb today, some of you may not have read. God is in the detail of my life! I can trust HIM!

"Just a little you know we have been praying for the school and different students that the Lord puts on our hearts. I have one person that I have really asked the Lord to move. God was glorified and the angels are a singing!!!!! I can tell you that it was totally amazing. To be a part of this young person wanting to live right was precious to see. I shared a little story about my Daddy...God used it! Yahoo! I am a little excited! Can you tell! Thank you Jesus that you use me even when I would rather be HOME. YOU are the one that is faithful. My heart is so full ladies. Hugs and please pray for protection for my sweet family as we share the gospel. The enemy doesn't like it, me"

Hope your day is special....




  1. I can't wait to hear how God used you with the student/students! And thank you again for pointing me to your crocheted edge washcloth pattern. I have been crocheting away!

  2. Oh are always so thoughtful and I know that is why your friends just love you! Your surprise gift was amazing! I cn just smell that mint...and taste those pecans...yumm! Can't wait to try your recipe! Look forward to your writings about your friend at the college!

    Blessings on the frigid Friday...

  3. Oh Linda what sweet gifts you received! Well deserved, you are such a special friend to so many!
    Blessings and hugs,

  4. I love reading your posts. Today's touched my heart. Thank you for sharing. I printed out your apple cake bread recipe. Now, I just need to get some apples and pecans. I imagine it will make our home smell festive...I will think of your sweetness and the love of Jesus that radiates from this blog as I bake...
    Bless your heart,

  5. Oh...This was so thoughtful! You are truly blessed, my sweet friend.
    I know you and your family will enjoy this gift of love.
    Blessings this beautiful Friday,
    Carolynn xoxo

  6. You are so blessed! Your tomatoes look yummy! I was praying for Robert, a patient that comes to our office and asked others to pray. God works in our lives so beautifully! Keep praying for him. He is all alone and struggling with the physical aliments effecting him after cancer! I miss my baby boy so much! He was going to OKC with some kids. Pray they will get there and back safely. Holiday Monday I imagine for many schools (Columbus Day). I am trying to put all my Princess House together so I can sell so we can travel to see Nick! Pray for us too!
    I am always praying for your phamily and your college and the kids there. We have light snow and very cold temps! Brrr......
    Love you always!


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