Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Day of Rest!

Hello Sweet Ladies,

What a wonderful little vacation we all have had here on Prairie Flower Farm! As you know it started on Friday and will end today! Friday was the day our sweet friends were to arrive to stay the night and part of the morning out in the Refuge Cabin. They the early evening  on friday evening......all dressed warm......flannel shirts, sweatshirts and jeans.....appropriate attire for the cool evening we were going to have. It was going to get down in the 20's. I was a little concerned about that because our little cabin is not insulated (yet) and that is a bit cold. We have little furnaces to keep it warm.......they said it was fine.  

I have permission to tell of the weekend. It turned out for our friends a place of Refuge. As you know I have been praying for it  for 30 see it being used is beyond what my heart could imagine. I had a prayer that the Lord would give us a place where we could minister to Pastors and Laymen. It has become more then now includes college grandkids.....and family! God does know the desires of our hearts and answers in His WAY!

Throughout the day "My sweet man" and I took 10 bales of straw and made a couch......I got my little fold up table out (want to make a wood one with log legs and old boards on the top).......

and set the candelabra on the top of the table. Now some might say that would be funny, but you can't believe how sweet it looks as the sun goes down and it is all lit up. It works great for a little extra light. I buy votive candles using my 40% for $3.50 from Hobby Lobby. When I place them inside the mason jars, they stay lit even if their is a little wind! Oh and talking about wind. This blesses me sooooo much! It was blowing most of the day not bad, but still blowing. My sweet man and I would stop at different times during the day and pray.....asking the Lord to make this time for our friends very special asking for "No wind" that would be perforable! Smile. I am not kidding!!!!!!!! Right when they got there it makes me tear up as I journal this. It was amazing!!!!! HE HEARD US.....of course He heard us, but He answered us for our friends! 

I took Becky through the way of the Potter's was all lit up.....I told her as I showed her to think of her "whole family" grand babies and ALL of them coming back to the farm! They could have a family time here on the farm. I had little candles hanging to light the path to the Refuge was fun and I am sure she kept thinking of her family as we walked and talked! We got them all settled in. The Refuge Cabin has a long cord that leads out for light. I use CHRISTmas lights throughout the cabin.......ONE day we will have electricity......praying!!!!!! They liked.....we came back out to the "couch" and fire. Before we left we asked if they would sit and we would pray for them. As we were all under the heavens we prayed to our Father......Becky had tears falling......she was weary.....they are so busy in the ministry the Lord has given them. (Later today I will write more about their Bed and Breakfast). As we prayed I was reminded of my continuous prayer for all these years.....I was seeing HIM unfold them right before my eyes. 

I went back to the house to fix up their "Picnic Basket", the moon was coming up big and bright. I knew the Lord was going to wrap them both in His arms and meet them in the quietness of the evening. We prayed for strength, refreshment, and His encouragement! They were seeking Him and they said they were able to talk without interruption to each I have a witness (?).....when we still have children in the HOME! Love having them at our age...... we wouldn't want it any other way! They also had a daughter when they were older! 

Well, it is time for me to get ready for church, but later today I will put up the recipe for the bread and other recipes I made for them. 

I love you sweet ladies and trust the Lord will meet you in a special way on HIS SONday! Asking also for a day or rest. Please continue to pray for my sister. Yesterday was a rough day of breathing for her. Breaks my heart.....we do know that many of you have hardships also. We don't know the needs, but I do ask the Lord to meet them for you. I know that many never leave a comment and that is fine......just want you to know I do pray for you!

Hugs to your SONday! 


P.S. We are noticing such an unrest in our World......please be praying for protection for CHRISTians. Just heard that in Iran many are being imprisoned. God will meet them there........I know that for sure.......still sad and they need to know we are praying for them all over the world. It is getting scary for sure. 


  1. Oh you are a sweet lady to have prayed for this refuge cabin and I can tell your friends were blessed by their stay there. Your candles and the hay sofa are charming. This is a great ministry you are doing. I too pray for Christians in all Muslim countries, for their safety and to be allowed to worship as Christians.

  2. oh so sweet Linda! You, your sweet man, and family minister to those near and far. Thank you for your Ministry :)! Loved reading your blog just now about your weekend. Looking forward to the "rest of the story" coming later. Still lifting up you sweet sister to our Lord.
    Enjoy the rest of your precious weekend. Praying your new week will be a blessing to you and to those you serve. Love you

  3. I am sure your guest had a refreshing restful time. How thoughtful you are. GOD BLESS!!!

  4. So beautiful. It sounds like a wonderful weekend.

    It was good to read your words again. I have been away.

    Blessings, Donna

  5. prayers are with you and your sweet family!


  6. What a nice refuge you created for your dear friends, so precious of you! You are such a dear vessel for Jesus!
    Yes, there is alot of termoil (sp?) in the world today, also in USA. Lets pray for our upcoming elections, they definetly need it, the world is watching America and the outcome if this election. Vote!
    Blessings and hugs!

  7. I hope you found some restful hours yourself before heading back to work today....Linda, we are coming to KS (God-willing) to visit our daughter & her family in McPherson. Would SO love to make it to Sterling area but not sure how all will pan out just yet.....


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