Sunday, October 21, 2012

Missed You All!!!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies,

I must say from last weekend to this weekend has been so full of life things! I dislike when I can't post at least something to stay in touch with all you precious ladies that come to meet here, but this last week seemed almost impossible. Last Thursday evening our family went to the Open Door Crisis Pregnancy Center dinner. Oh my....... were we encouraged! We and several others mert for one year and a half every 10 years ago on every Thursday night to pray and ask the Lord to help us help families who found their child pregnant and as they walked through difficult times. God has answered that prayer.  Families have been encouraged to choose LIFE...lots of babies have been saved. The speaker encouraged us the other evening that having little ones and not married affects the whole family! I couldn't agree more. Beings I was once an unwed Momma my choice had huge implications on my family and still  does to this day. God has been so merciful to myself and to our son. The joy of having Jason in our life has been precious. My heart is so for the Momma's and the Daddy's who have found themselves........because of one choice........ pregnant. God is the only one that has the answers for each family. He created each little one in the womb.......He has a purpose for each life! The evening was encouraging. The room was filled with as many men as in our community are stepping up! Praise the LORD! The dinner has grown over the years. We prayed.......God heard....He is answering! 

As some of you know little Delainey passed away last week and the funeral was this last Saturday. I felt it was important that since Delainey was such a part of all of our lives here on Prairie Flower Farm, that we should send something to  the family. Balloons were what they wanted and so I started on that adventure. Did you know that there is a shortage on helium? Had know idea. We need to pray about that. We ended up sending a plant arrangement. Susan wrote me last night. Thought I should share.

Thank you so much Linda and PFF Ladies for the beautiful plant arrangement.  Took a picture of it and will post soon.  Well, we know why there is a helium shortage.  It was all in the hundreds of balloons at Delainey's service!!!  Will also post a picture soon.  We had a lovely service with my brother-in-law, Bruce Roquet officiating.  Our niece and her daughter sang two lovely songs.  People came up and said how Delainey had impacted their lives.  Beautiful memorials written by her Mommy and Daddy.  Over 400 people came to the visitation and service today.  We were sitting in front and I hadn't realized how many people were there today.  When I stood up, my husband, John, said to me, look behind you.  I couldn't believe it.  Filled all the way to the back of long room and the front side room filled with more family and friends.  It was truly amazing.  It touched my heart so much and will forever live in my memories.  You and the PFF ladies are so very precious to me.  I felt like you were all there as well.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers in the days to come as we will miss our Delainey Belle so much.  You and all our PFF ladies will always be in my prayers.  

Love, Susan

It amazes me all the time how we have become such a precious family. I truly believe the Lord has His Hand in all of this. Thank you for the prayers over the last year that you have all prayed. It helped a family for sure!

I love you sweet ladies........more then you will ever know on this side of Heaven!



  1. Your heart is in the right place, for all those mommies and daddies and new babies, and I missed you too. I am praying for Delainie's family; her mom sounds like a wise woman.

    1. Thank you sweet Terra, You are so kind! They need all the prayers we can give!
      Hugs, me

  2. It is always so encouraging to come to your sight,Linda! My prayers go out for Delainie's family~ what a fight she had in her little life. I would like to share a book with them that I wrote after our son went to heaven~ would you let me know how to get it to them? Thanks!

    1. You are so sweet Terri, thanks for coming. I am sure that you understand so well their loss. I think you are so sweet to think of them during their sorrow. You are going to be a blessing to them!
      Email me at prairie flower farm at g mail dot com and I will send you here address.

      Thank you that you are allowing the Lord to use you! Your son's life lives on as you share it! You are brave Terri! Hugs, Linda
      Love you sweet friend, you made it special also!

  3. Linda, your blog today touches so many Trisomy families' lives, as so many doctors recommend abortion of these dear sweet precious lives. However, many many more mothers want to have their babies and love them as long as God gives them life. It's not a hard decision for those of us who don't believe in abortion, but it medical opinions and sometimes family members can sway a new mom who's not sure she should keep her child with a Trisomy condition. Thankfully, through facebook and Trisomy organizations of all kinds are available for these precious moms to get the WHOLE TRUTH! God is good and is providing!!

  4. Linda, I just tried to reply to Susan and my computer wouldn't cooperate, how awesome that God is giving so many mamas and daddys the strength to say no to the drs and have their sweet little babies! I can't imagine the courage it takes! But little Delainey gave so much love I bet, and strength was found! Bless you Susan, I am so sorry for your loss, and will be praying for you and your whole family during this very hard time and in the times ahead of you.
    Love in Jesus,
    CJ from NC
    Linda thank you for all you have done, and for sending something from all of us who along with you have had Delainey and the family in our prayers.
    Hugs to you Linda.

  5. Thank you Linda, for choosing life for your boy, even when the situation was difficult. It is always so tragic to have these tiny lives snuffed out because they are 'inconvenient' ...children are such a joy!
    Blessings to you dear for your work on behalf of those little ones.

  6. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family Susan. May God be your comforting Rock and sustaining grace during this time.

    Linda, thank you for your words this morning!

    Blessings to all,
    Linda in Wichita

  7. You are such a shining light. My heart breaks for Delainey's family. So sad and yet we know she is in the arms of Jesus! It is something I always focus on when their is a loss of a child. I have always been a Right to Life supporter. Love to you Linda! You are such a light for the Lord!


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