Saturday, November 29, 2014


Good morning sweet ladies,

Life is just way to fast for my comfort! I knew that the coffeehouse was going to be different.......but honestly I didn't think it would take up so much of my life. I am not's just the way it is for us at this time,  I so miss my farm, but when I do get to be home I truly enjoy each and every moment of it. I appreciate every minute the Lord gives me to see the wheat fields growing.........watching my ducks waddle about the farm, hearing Mr. Rooster"S"......yup I have a few that serenade me around 6 in the up my coops and laying fresh straw......talking to my "Girly Hen's my little farm house......washing and hanging fresh clean sheets on the line......walking out and sitting on the Sanctuary and just sitting and letting the  SON woo my heart to seems to be quite busy for me now.....but Jesus has me right where He wants me.  It takes a lot of time and energy to start up a business and it consumes your time.....but I also have blessings that my Jesus gives me during the day at the coffeehouse.......such as......a young man (Ant) who got busted for drugs.......and because of our Saul (one of our college boys who has been in our life the last 4 years) had shared the gospel with this young man a month before he got arrested. Ant called Saul from jail.......because he knew he could trust Saul........Ant got jail! After he got out Saul brought him down to the coffeehouse so we could love on him. Ant was free!!!!!! Not from the acts and consequences of his sin......but eternal life was his! We watched the Lord do some amazing things! We ended up going to the courthouse with and God met us all there! He still has to wait to go back to the Judge, but we do know that God will be with Ant and Ant says know matter what he is served......he will tell everyone about Jesus!!!!!!!  There are lots more stories that walk through the front door of the Coffeehouse.....and I tuck each one in my heart and pray that my Heavenly Father will continue to equip our family to help with all the needs. Just want to thank you for your prayers. Can't wait for the day that life slows down a bit!!!!!! 

Mr. Roo!

Love my little chick that is growing up. She or follows and peeps around my is my little gift!

This is what I see at the coffeehouse out the back door. Nothing like what I see at home on the farm.......but still beautiful! 

Can you believe it is going to be CHRISTmas? We are working in the Coffeehouse to make it all pretty. I will be showing you all pictures.

Love you all......hugs to your day and God bless each and every one of you.......when I say I miss you all I so mean it. It's sad for me to not get to blog.

Please let me know how you all are,



  1. Miss seeing your sweet post too. As you say you are warming souls with warm beverages and warm hearts. Keeping you in prayer! Amy

  2. Grace, Grace, GOD'S Grace, Grace to cover all my sin. Love that song. Good to hear from you. Maybe it won't be too much longer until you can be home more. Your coffeehouse sounds so cozy and loving.

    We are doing fine here in North GA.

  3. How exciting! Another soul for Jesus! I look for to seeing your pictures of the coffeehouse all decorated.

  4. I'm glad everything is going so well for you! Your photos and posts are always so inspiring! =)

  5. Linda, I wondered how you were doing it all! Busy, busy, but sounds like such a Blessed life. When I worked in town I missed the farm and everything SO much during the day. I think that made me appreciate everything even more when I came home at night. Will be anxious to see Christmas decs at the Coffeehouse via pics (I still hope to visit someday!). Hugs, Tammy


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