Monday, April 6, 2015


Hello sweet ladies,

trust your Resurrection SONday was a blessing for you and your family. Ours was a little interesting. We were getting ready for church and the lights went out. Need I say more. Thankful we were almost ready!!!! Thankful we had the market so we could have our dinner as a family together. It was a precious time with our family......lots of laughter and memories were talked about. My favorite time was listening to everyone share. 

We had lots of damage on our farm last week. Our animals and our family were safe! It was a bit scary for sure. The wind was so powerful. Out in our area they said their was real dangerous weather. It came through the farm with hail that broke out windows (on our back porch) and a kitchen window.

Our meter and light pole blew down and fell on our farm truck. The electric company came today. It will be 2 days until they can come and put a new one up. So many are still without electricity. We can wait! Ours came back on yesterday....... even though we still have lines down on the ground from our farm house to our big barn it was still working. 

Outside we had a port potty on one side of the hay barn before the storm came and it ended up on the inside of our hay shed.

Tin from the hay shed wall and roof is up in a tree. We had a watering trough that flew is gone. Can't find it. Now that is weird!!!!!!! Farm life.......has it's trials. God protected us and that we are grateful for. 

Our sheep were gone at our neighbors farm..........that was a huge blessing. The shed they stay in had a huge limb fall on the edge of the roof. They could have hurt each other because of being scared. It is that time of year again. Praying for our farm. We have not had rain..... the wheat is stressed. Thankful my Father understands my heart! He is a strong foundation in times when you are walking around your farm and needing His divine intervention and comfort. Thankful He never tires of me coming to Him. The sanctuary has damage on the top of the roof........branches and tree limbs hanging everywhere. We will repair it.......not sure when........but we will!

Thankful His mercies are new every morning! 

This morning we went to our friends house to give water to their dog........she has a row of lilacs like I have never seen in bloom like they were!!!!! My farmhouse smells lovely. I will take some to the coffeehouse tomorrow. It you were here I would share with you also. 

Hope I hear from some of you and how you are!

Hugs and God bless from the farm!



  1. Praise the Lord for safety for all of you. And praise the Lord that the sheep were visiting elsewhere! what a blessing. Those lilacs are so lovely. We are looking forward to lilacs. Still plenty of snow blanketing here but Spring must be on the way -the mud is getting really squishy. I'm glad you had a good time at your family gathering on Son day.

  2. That piece of metal high up in the tree shows the power of those winds. I prayed for rain for you and the wheat, and for us here in California too.

  3. Glad you didn't have to much damage.

  4. PRIDE the LORD you and your family were safe and the animals also.

    I always dread the storm season. HE is FAITHFUL!!!

  5. OOPS!!! PRAISE the LORD!!!

  6. God is very good because there were no injuries just material damage. He is watching you and yours.I am sorry for the huge mess though. But little by little you will be good as new. Our church service was a true blessing. I look forward to it each week. Had a lovely lunch with Rebekah and Zach. I drove with him to the restaurant and Rebekah went with her dad. It is good to catch up with Zach when Rebekah is not there. I learn a lot and see how much he cares for our beautiful daughter. We are getting excited for Jeremy to get into his own home. Please pray because the inspector says it needs a new roof and we hope the current owner will take that responsibility on. But we have spent a lot of time helping him organize everything and praying for him and watching his relationship with Brittany and her daughter Addy grow! Lots of prayer needed when taking on a phamily. Lovely to see you here. Have a beautiful week. Love and Blessings, Anne

  7. Praise God that you are all safe. How scary that would have been. I hate wind storms. Thankfully, we don't get them too often here.

  8. So glad to hear that nobody was hurt at your farm, Linda! "Things" can be replaced. It is so beautiful how you keep everything in perspective and point it all back to Jesus:)

  9. Glad to hear that you are all ok, but dear me all that damage to the farm!!

  10. So thankful you and all of the sheep were kept safe. Scary weather out there!

    It's so good to hear from you, Linda! We all miss you but understand what a busy season of life it is for you. Those lilacs are gorgeous, thanks for sharing. Lilacs seem a long way off for us here in northern New England!

  11. thankful you're safe (and that the sheepies were too!) and that the damage seems fixable. yes, that time of year again.

  12. So glad you all are OK. What a memorable Resurrection Sunday!
    Blessings from Ohio, Kim<><

  13. Linda..forgive me for not commenting on this post sooner. So sorry you had such a streesful weekend. But praise God, you were all safe.



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