Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Good morning sweet ladies,

So nice to be back on my is quiet.....which is a new new new for our H O M E......getting used to it now that our Tressy is married, but the tree is lit.......and the sun will be rising real soon. Eating my favorite breakfast........pie and a cup of milk. Now I am set! Just got off from FaceTiming our little.......she is so sweet in the mornings so her Momma calls so we can have some sweet time of my favorite things to start my day. 

I know the post are few and far much has happened in the last few months..... so I got up really early this I can journal some things that have been going on with PFFarm. 

We have a new little in our family. 
Christmas time was wonderful.......having her added to our family during this time of year....made it all the more special!!!

I had this idea for pictures or Christmas......I knitted her a hat and mittens........I needed a bag so I used some of the burlap we had from her Momma's wedding.......made a tag.........tied a red checked ribbon around the top.......stuffed the bag with a lot of pillows and set her inside....with her little ornament and stuffed puppy (we keep it here at Grammies) will always be the grands!!! So fun to shoot these pics......there is such a sweet manner about her. We had quite a few giggles when she did a face plant in the cluster fiberfill......when she came up it there were patches glued to her face......then she started slipping down the backside to the inside of the bag......her Momma and I both went after her......made some sweet memories!!! We love her so much and thank the Lord for her allllll the time!!

A few weeks back we had some baby lambs over at my farm friend's farm......she is the sweetest farm woman......last year I made her mittens with sheep on them.....

this year I made a cowl to match the gloves........

when we drove to her farm we drove by Peace Creek

lots of memories have been made here!!!! It is a favorite place for us.

We got to her farm.......Willow has a boy and so does Aspen.....we were hoping for girls so she could build her flock. 

 Willow and her little boy......he was a big baby!!!

Aspen had just had her baby cute!!!!! Miss having them on the farm, but after the babies are weaned the girls will come back.

God bless each of you....I have missed you......please follow me on is the easiest place for me to journal daily!!!!!! 

Merry CHRISTmas!!!



  1. What a beautiful little granddaughter you have. Such a sweet face and that was a great photo op you set up.

    Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas and it is exciting to see a post from you here! I'm not on Facebook, but I can read your posts there if I remember to go and look.

    Wishing you a blessed year in 2018!

  2. Hello Mrs. T........oh how fun to see you're today!!! She is just precious!!!! She mostly smiles.....when she doesn't you know she needs changed or go to bed. Praying the Lord blesses you is nice to chat with you again!!! We are hoping to sell the coffeehouse.......please pray with us. We have a month. Tressy is pregnant and due on their anniversary in May of 2018. Trusting the Lord with it all~~
    Hugs to you!!!

  3. I will definitely pray with you Linda, about the sale of the coffeehouse. I'll go write it in my prayer journal right now!

  4. What a wonderful surprise to get an update from you. Wow! Another grand baby! She is beautiful! Oh my you are wanting to sell that lovely coffeeshop. I sure hope it all works out for you. I know everyone will miss you all. GOD BLESS You and yours.

    Charlotte Moore

    1. You are cute Charlotte......I so miss all of you, b ut with the coffeehouse......I also have my is way way to crazy! Yes.....on the coffeehouse.....Tressy needs to come home so she will be ready for her baby!!! We hope and pray the Lord will help us! We will miss them too....but we will stay involved with the people!! God Bless you and yours!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi Linda! Always love to read your blog. I know how much harder it is to blog verses FB. I missed the picture of the baby lamb on FB ...of course he's soooo cute....
    Oh yes, that "little one " is just adorable.....


  6. Linda, you need to look at your Prairie Flower Farm page. It's got a weird 3rd party hosting sign blocking the view.

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