Friday, September 18, 2009

God Was So Real In the Mountains

Our time in Colorado was so wonderful!!!!! The weather was perfect. Even when it rained it was great. We had family time every day. Phil read us from the The Knowledge of the Holy by A. W. Tozer and Bible. We were truly blessed.

The area that we were in was 8 to 9 thousand high. It was hard to get enough oxygen at times. We went hiking every day and the girls made wonderful meals. I needed the time to get away and the time with my family was so special.

Here is a picture of my two precious girls and husband. Oh, that is me also.
This made me not want to walk any further!
This creek was right out the front of the cabin. I listened to it all day long and night.
It was so beautiful!
I love to get down on the ground and look at all the little life that is right in front of you if you look. When I lived in Alaska this is what I loved about the woods. I will write later and show some of the things I did while I was up there. I sewed every day!!!!!!! I loved it and came up with some really fun patterns. It will take me a bit to get them all ready. It truly was such a wonderful time and I will tuck the memories in my heart.



  1. It sounds like the Lord blessed you all with a wonderful family vacation. It's so great you have more memories to tuck away. It's the beautiful memories that are truly special. Glad you made it home safely.
    Blessings to you all.
    Fine Linen

  2. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for sharing about your trip. It sounds like the Lord blessed you with a very nice time. You have a beautiful family!


  3. Welcome back!Glad to hear you had a great trip and a safe return.Im looking forward to seeing all the new creations :0)

  4. How wonderful! Your surroundings were beautiful and so inspiring, I'm sure! Can't wait to see what you came up with out there in the woods!

  5. Linda, I thought about you a lot while you were gone! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. Isn't it wonderful that wherever we go, God is right there ahead of us, beside us, and behind us.


  6. What lovely pictures! I LOVE that book by the way... :) Brandon gave it to me. I'm so glad you had such a fun time!

    Love you Momma Linda!!!!

  7. Welcome back Linda.....That is my kind of vacation....I would love to have that creek to put me to sleep each evening! I love your posts and you have such a beautiful family, can't wait to see your new patterns!
    Dee, farmhousecountry

  8. OMG! i just ran across a pic of you/your family! adorable!! & in the CO Rockies!! our favorite vacation place!! i know this is several yrs ago, but where were you in CO? we go to Crested Butte, an old mining town now built into a ski resort on Mt.Crested Butte Mtn. actually Mt.Crested Butte is the ski area up on the mtn. we have stayed many yrs in the condo building right beside the ski lift!! it is so picturesque at night, with lights on in Crested Butte down in the valley! i skiied down once from the top and THAT view was spectacular. we always take drives thru the wood, since terry has difficulty walking/breathing up there. love your pic!!!
    ^)^ linda


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