Monday, April 28, 2014

Life is Happening at Prairie Flower Farm!

Hello sweets!!!!!

We are enjoying Sweet Pea and all her funny little antidotes! Here she is smiling and then she smelled something she didn't like! She wrinkled up her nose.....looked like she was ready for a kiss! So fun to have her at Prairie Flower Farm!!!!

Sweet Pea met Roo the rooster and followed him allllll over the sheep yard! Roo wasn't so sure of her.

I noticed that little pecks were on the eggs!!!!!!!
It was time to start having babies!!!!!

Baby peeps started hatching......the house is peeping away all the time. 

They started fluffin' out when I put them under a warm light.
So so sweet! 

Yesterday morning I woke to a little opening to the duck egg! I was hoping that when I got home from church I would see a little duck hatched. It didn't hatch until early this morning (Monday). Go to my fb and see the videos I put up. Sweetness! Go HERE

Here is a picture of Ducky. He will be going to a family that I work with at the college. He still looks a little on the homely side.....but after he fluffs up he will look better. I am calling him a he, but really not sure what it is. 

I am putting this post up tonight (Monday). You will get it on Tuesday! Soooooo Good Mornin' this Tuesday!!! Just had to show you my sweet little girl! She gets cuter every day don't you think?! She is growing so fast! 

Life in the spring on the farm is one of my favorite times of the year. You know me and life! Watching life happen before my eyes is the most amazing miracle God has given me to see. I love Him so much! 

Hugs to your day,



  1. There are few things sweeter than a little lamb! And so fun to be hearing peeps of new life on the farm! It's a wonderful time of year. Isn't God so gracious!

    1. Hi Cranberry......It is a wonderful time of year! It is like babies are just poppin' everywhere on the farm! God is so gracious......what would we do without Him!!!!!!!! Hugs to you, me

  2. All your babies are so sweet!!! Nothing better than the farm life!

    1. Hello your blog and your work!!!!!! So beautiful! I am so thankful I get to live on a is my hearts desire! I hope I never have to leave it! Hugs, me

  3. Your pictures are beautiful, Linda, and your encouragement is contagious:) Thank you for the sweet note you sent a couple of weeks ago! Your words have been precious to me. ~Terri

    1. Hey sweet Terri, I love your words also. You know how to encourage those who are needing a healing word! I am glad you like the pic's. Farm life is a gift.....I treasure it! Hugs and God bless! I am thankful for you!!!!!! me

  4. Linda your photos are just precious! I have always enjoyed the new life during the Springtime. Your farm is filled much love. Please pray f or my friend Sandie as she fights breast cancer. Prayers for Jeremy as he recovers from gall bladder surgery. God has been very good to us. Nick will be home soon. He will mentally be prepared for his surgery, they need to cut into the leg muscle to relive "sleepy" sensation feelings.. I pray the surgeon is as capable as Jeremy's was. Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you can stop by my blog soon. Always wonderful to see you here. Hugs and Love, Anne


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