Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sweet baby lamb!

Good morning sweet ladies........all I can say is I have missed you! 

If you want to keep up with what is going on at Prairie Flower Farm........please follow me on my fb. I put up short posts. Go here anytime and You can see the happenings at Prairie Flower Farm. 

With working in the garden (planting strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, potatoes, rhubarb and 

decorating the farm with lots of flowers).......learning at the coffeehouse (learning a lot about the flower arranging) and still working at the college........ I feel like I am barely letting my feet hit the ground! 

Living on a farm it is busy and spring is always a busy busy time of year for us. I am sitting here this morning all by and the Lord. Reflecting on Good Friday.......on what  my Heavenly Father did for me at Calvary..... Jesus came to die in my place if only I would accept the Gift! Thankful He came. 

My sweet girl and her sweet man are our home and I am grateful! My family is celebrating Resurrection SONday today! It is the only time allllll of our family can get together. Can't wait to see them all coming up the driveway! I am praying for you and your family also!

Another thing that has kept me busy is allllll of the animals are having or will be have babies. Two sets of kittens!!!!!! 7 total mouse eaters. So precious! Here is a sweet one meeting Denali! 

I have two sister hens who are sitting on 20 eggs.......they are due at the end of the month. 

But I do have an announcement!!!!!!

You know we have been waiting to see which on of our sheep who are pregnant. Well........Olivia was really showing signs of being pregnant last week!!!!!!!!! 

All last Saturday I checked her every half an hour......

the animals were getting anxious (I am sure)......night came and still no baby or babies! She was showing signs of labor so I knew it wasn't but a day or so away! 

I got up early last SONday in hand and we had a new little girl! 
You can watch the video here
She was less than an hour old when I saw her for the very first time.

Meet Sweet Pea! I had to get her in the sheep shed because Aspen the year old sheep did not like the new baby! 

She was so little! We love her......a lot!!!!!!!!

She is now a week old and very frisky! 

She looks so much like her Daddy Birch don't you think? 

I love to just sit watching our new little girl! As you can see she is very little and complete adorableness! Now we are waiting on the other two girls to see if we have any more babies coming! 

She is so curious! Roo, one of our roosters that roams the farm was in the sheep was adorable watching Sweet Pea as she followed him around the pen. Never a dull now you see why I have been absent! Farm life at it's best. 

This coming Monday I will be seeing little opening where the chicks are pecking their way out on these eggs!!! I have 35 chicken eggs and 3 duck eggs. The duck eggs will be ready to hatch the 28th. It will be noisy in our house! I am ready!

Friday when I got home I was moving the little kittens and Kitty (their Momma) outside. Look who I found sitting on eggs. She and I both got scared of each other and she moved from her eggs for a bit, I counted 18 eggs!!!!!! Truly a lot of "life" is going on here at Prairie Flower Farm. 

Now you see why it has been busy! 

Trust that Your Resurrection SONday is blessed one!

"This is what is written: The Christ will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached in His Name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem. You are witnesses of these things." 
Luke 24: 46-48

It is grateful! 



  1. Love all the cute new babies. I am sure your Easter will be Happy and blessed with all your family there. Sunshine expected tomorrow in this part of the Pacific Northwest. Yay

    God bless you all


  2. What would you do if you were not busy??? Haha!!! Good to hear from you.

    Happy Easter!!

    HE LIVES!!!

  3. Aah, new life! Love the pics, sweet pea is sooo cute! Praise be to our LORD, He is risen!!! Going to 2 services tomorrow, our Cowboy Church service at 9:am, and the church where our son and family go, the same great preacher and wife do both! Our granddaughter (5) will be with the children up front singing praises! Can't wait! I love all the songs at Easter don't you??!!! Have a blessed day!

  4. aw, Sweet Pea is adorable and I love lambs. They were my babies, esp bummer lambs cuz I bottle fed them. A blessed Easter to you! Our family will be together tomorrow afternoon. Am excited. And found out my little granddaughter just lost her first tooth! She will be six yr old in May! Hugs!

  5. Linda, as always I love your posts! Even though I follow you on FB..I still love your blogs!


  6. I love your farm it looks really nice. I want to have more of a flower farm instead of an animal farm if I ever get the chance. It should be pretty nice because my wife absolutely loves flowers.


  7. Your farm phamily is precious. I enjoy the tales you tell us here and at FB. The photos are sweet and you are too! Hugs, Anne


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