Saturday, June 7, 2014

Vacation........Missing In Action!

It's been along time....... hello sweet ladies.....I have missed you!!!!!!! Once I went on break from the college.......I hit it really hard to get the things I just "had" to get done here on the farm. Like putting in my garden.....going through a lot of our and cleaning......and loving on my little family!! I try to keep things posted on fbbook for those who want to check on the happenings here at Prairie Flower Farm!

It has been wonderful......spring and soon summer. So much I want to do and get done on the farm! I am having a wonderful time. Listening to my Bible on line and watching all kinds of quilting videos all while I am working away. Feeling a little spoiled, but enjoying my little vacation and so thankful! 

The Lord has been providing much rain for our crops. We have corn and soybeans planted which have welcomed all the rain. The rain came a little late for our wheat, but we keep praying for it, The heads of the wheat are looking good, but the stock is shorter then usual. A lot of Kansas farmers will have a low yield of wheat they say this year. When it got planted it was just way to dry and no rain.....made for no growth.

Momma Duck had her little ones. Nine of them made it. We are enjoying them and so are all the little people who come to the farm. 

Another Momma is sitting on more eggs. I was walking by a wheelbarrow that I had tipped over so the rain wouldn't collect.......she decided to make her nest in it. That's okay with me!!! She has now laid all her eggs and is sitting seriously on it.

The sheep were needing sheared.......bad!!!!!!! Olivia was ready to go the day we went!!!!!!!! They were all getting hot because of the weather. The shearer we usually use got sick........ so that put us off from getting the sheep sheared. We ended up having to get someone new. 
It was a hot muggy day the day they all got sheared. They were so happy and so was I, they finally got all their wool shaved their bodies and would be a lot cooler. 

Poor Birch was getting sheared and half way through the shaver broke. He stood with wool hanging and part of his head shaved as the man was fixing the shaver, he was embarrassed!!!! Thought he gave me a sweet pic though.

I couldn't believe how much lanolin Birch had down in his wool. It was very yellow in color. Notice the wool on the can see the difference in color. Lanolin gets all over your hands as you put the wool in the burlap bag. Your hands end up feeling very nice and soft by the end of  shearing. 

Look what is new on the farm!!!!!! Vitaliy and I have been working hard! I will be painting it white when we don't have rain in the forecast. Oh about rain!!!!!!!

 Last night we had rain, lightning and thunder!!!! The storm came through the rained and rained and rained. Woke this morning and we had a little over 2 inches. 

So nice to get back here on the blog and write.......thank you for those who email and check in on me!!!!!! You are sweet!

Today Vitaliy and I will be working on the picket fence around the bit hen house!!!!!! So excited! We are getting a lot of things done here at Prairie Flower Farm!!!!

Please keep praying about the coffeehouse for us. We are learning much and trusting the Lord with the outcome! It has been an exciting time for us for sure! Pray for finances. Wish I just had the down payment now.....but God knows what He is doing.....and we are learning trust! 

God bless you and lot of hugs sent your way!!!!!!!



  1. Hi Linda:
    I do not know how much of a down payment that you need.
    But maybe we Praire Flower Farm Girls could start a fundraiser to help out.
    You give so much of yourself to us all and perhaps all of us followers could help towards your goal of the Coffee

  2. I am glad you're back, seen a few posts on Facebook. I've not started my garden yet. I bought seeds just the other day. Gonna start them in little green house then transfer them to sq ft garden. Pray that all falls into place for coffee shop. We're still praying a job for our daughter and she'll finish her algebra just fine. Have a good weekend!

  3. Your pictures are wonderful! I also live in KS, and the rain has been great! =)

  4. I found your blog last week through MaryJanes Farm connection, so I had to go back and read about the coffeehouse. Will definitely put you on my prayers. Your photos are wonderful. I am surprised with the rain wee have gotten here in Kansas. I went to Minnesota two weeks ago and when I drove back the corn stalks were already visible!

  5. Oh Linda you know how much I love reading your blog..even though I read all your Facebook posts!



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