Monday, June 30, 2014

We have a winner!

How are all you sweet ladies? 

Hope you are enjoying your summer!!!!!!!

We have been getting a lot of rain here on the farm!!!!!! It has been wonderful for my garden. Everything is green, the tomatoes are starting to grow.......I noticed that the beans are soon to be going from the flower to beans. They are about 1" long.....little, but it won't take long for them to grow big!!!!! 

I want to give a big huge thank you to all who signed up for the Good For You Everyday Meals Cookbook!!!!!!! It is definitely summer thyme......gardens are starting to have lots of produce available for healthy cooking! There are recipes that you could make up that everyone would love to eat out of this cookbook. 

 The winner for our party will find lots of good recipes to fix up for her family!!!!!! Hope she has a garden!!!!

Good for You Everyday Cookbook

For those of you who would like to buy a cookbook, you can go HERE!

We have a winner......for the giveaway.....and her name is.......

Anne Robinson
her blog is called.......Phamily Blog
So excited for you  Anne!!!!

Thank you everyone for being a part of Prairie Flower Farm. I so love Gooseberry Patch and all the love they put in everyday life....... the way they care about those who follow them is precious! They thank you for coming to the party also! Until the next party.......

Hugs and God bless you!!!!!!!!



  1. Congratulations to the winner.

  2. are so sweet to congrat Anne. Thank you!!!!!!! I wish I could have given you all each one.......hugs, me

  3. Hi Linda! What a special treat! I had a tough day, busy, too hot outside and a headache to top it off! When I got off of work tonight, I headed to the bus to pick my honey up! One of my favorite songs came on the radio, "Top of the World" by Imagine dragon. I knew my evening would get much better! What a wonderful surprise. Thank you so much! I love the ladies at Gooseberry Patch and all those who share their recipes. My phamily and I are always looking for quick meals to prepare. I will treasure this. Thank you and have a wonderful week! Hugs, Anne

  4. Yea.... Anne, it was meant to be that you won! Congrats


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