Thursday, August 21, 2014

Auction.......Old Ford Truck.......Dreamin'

Hello sweet ladies.....again!

Yesterday I went to a farmer's farm......he was working inside a shed and cleaning it out. I noticed these........

chairs sitting along the side of the shed.......doesn't hurt to ask right? Sold!!!!!!! To me.....aren't they adorable? I will strip them and repaint. They are in excellent condition, but the paint job needs redone! I really like old chairs better than knew ones. They are always more sturdy and better built it seems. I will use these in the children's section of the coffeehouse! 

I am going to an auction!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for a month for this to happen. This kind of truck is one of my favorite it adorable or what? I have always liked old trucks....a lot better than new ones. A friend of ours (who is a mechanic) said that for it's age it is in real good condition. Won't be hard to get it going....he says. Has a new engine that was put in 7 years ago.......ekkkkk!!!! I will bid........but only so high! We just had our 40th anniversary......some want diamonds.....I want a truck! Want to paint it a lighter turquoise color......with a Prairie Flower Farm decal that I could put on the side. Whatcha think? Cute? Think of all the flowers I can put in the around town and sell them! "A dreamer", as my daughter Tress calls me!!!!! Dreams do come true......hope this one does! I will let you know!

I know I have been so vague about the coffeehouse. I kind of feel like until we sign the papers we are still in waiting mode, but we are moving ahead. We have a date set.....but walking with the Lord in faith we leave that in His care. It has been a precious walk. Jesus has shown Himself over and over. It is wonderful to be able to completely intrust your life to with that.....keep praying if you would and we will keep you posted. The college kids are ready......we see them on the and the market! They are praying also! 

Hugs and God bless your day!!!!!!



  1. I am praying too Linda. You're on my prayer list!


  2. I'm guessing you'll paint these chairs yellow.

  3. oh. my. gracious. yes. yes to the darling chairs and yes to the truck!!!!! hugs.

  4. The idea for the truck is great! I hope that you get it. There is an old truck for sale here. It was at the auction but didn't sell. It is very old with wooden wheels. It has advertising on the side.
    I don't drink coffee but I may have to drive over and visit your shop when I head to Hutch!! (I don't get to Hutch very often.)
    Have a Blessed day

  5. What a fun idea for the truck! I think I remember my grampa having a truck around that vintage. He died when I was four so I really don't remember much about his truck other than it looked a lot like that one, only it was dark blue. You could park the truck in front of the coffee shop while not driving around town!

    The chairs are great too. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love the truck! Just wonderful! I bought 2 old metal wire market baskets yesterday by asking if they would be for sale. Sending up prayers. Happy 40th! Warm Blessings! Amy

  7. I love the chairs and your sweet truck! I have a chair that belonged to my grandparents. It has been painted and repainted so much but I want to strip it and repaint it before winter sets in. I agree, so much more sturdy! Sad things are not made as well today. Always fun to say hello and I love a dreamer! I am one too! Love and Blessings, Anne

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