Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Enjoying the SUMMER.....and YOU?

Hi sweets!!!!!!!! 

This looks like soup base to me!

God has been providing so much produce! It has been a full summer!!!!!! How about you? A lot has been going on...... pulling me in one direction and then another. I have so enjoyed my garden. Love going out in the early cool mornings. My tomatoes are really turning red faster then I can keep day at a time...right? The garden is exploding.....all at the same time it seems. Anyone relate?   I will be canning the soup base we use for our winter soups, pastas, pizza sauce and salsa today or tomorrow. It was cool this morning when I went to pick......suppose to be hot again today. No rain in the forecast until Monday......oh how we need rain for our crops. The soybeans especially! Please pray with. Thank you!!!! All the farmers are in need. 

Lately I have continued to work on products to sell in the fall. Trusting we will be buying the market, I want to be ready. I have been working on these little snow while it is 100 outside. I so enjoy drawing these little snowmen's faces. I just love to use my hands......does anyone have a favorite craft they enjoy doing? 

I would love to hear from you!!!!!!! I know I haven't been blogging as much, but it would be nice to see who is still readying. Even if it is a little hello!

Blessings to each of you! God has been good....leading us each step of the way in our new adventure! Can't wait until all the meetings are over.....and we can sign on the dotted line. We just keep trusting.....a good place to be! 

Hugs to your day, 



  1. Linda~
    I just made a batch of ketchup with some of my tomatoes. It is sooo good. If you have a plethora of tomatoes and want to try something different with them, think ketchup!
    Got my recipe from Farm Journal's Freezing &Canning Cookbook. I think this would make great gifts,too!

  2. Hey Linda
    Glad your doing well. Its been very hot often a lot here in the Pacific Northwest. We hit record highs this year. I wanted to make blueberry crisp tonight but did I forget to buy the blueberries today? oops :)
    Now I want to know how you made that craft it looks adorable. Praying you get rain and also your coffee shop.

    God bless you much


  3. Forgot to ask could you pray for my friends daughter Josaphine? she is 7.yrs old and has stage IV Melanoma.


  4. It sounds like you are having a busy summer! I'm sending Best wishes! =)

  5. I'm amazed that IA schools have started! Summer flew by! I still knit prayer shawls & baptism baby blankets for my church every minute I get! I don't have a garden here in town, but remember growing up tending a huge one! Everything you say is familiar!! Good luck on the coffee shop!

  6. The summer has flown by so quickly. School starts in our town on Monday! My summer has been extremely busy trying to spend some time almost daily with my elderly, very forgetful dad and trying to get a start on cleaning out the storage areas at his house. And of course, trying to keep up with things at home.

    Our garden has been nearly non-existent. Friends who have a prolific garden gave us tomato plants, squash plants, and a basil plant. The squash plants died, and we replaced them with more, which grew well but didn't blossom until now, and then only a few. The tomato plants did well but now have blight, and something ate the basil. We did get some leaf lettuce out of our garden, but that is about all. Then, last week we had a big storm, and a tree fell on our garden, putting it out of its misery at last! Much as we love fresh veggies, I think next year we will support our local farm stand and concentrate on growing flowers, which do better.

    For crafts, I love sewing, counted cross stitch, embroidery and more. Haven't had much time to craft this summer, but I am working on a cross stitch sampler with a December theme. I love to crochet also and recently used your wash cloth edging tutorial. It came out very nice.

    Good to hear from you. Am praying all works well with the coffee shop.

  7. So good to see a couple of posts and to hear that things are moving along with the coffee house! Praying that God will use your sweetness in many lives there:)

  8. Always here watching, reading! I still can't tell if you have the coffeehouse or not! I love all kinds of crafts, but I have been going crazy with my Brother PE770 embroidery machine making little in the hoop purses, monogramming towels, making earrings and the list goes on!! God bless you in your journey!

  9. I am not the craftiest girl but I sure love the artist in others. I have been thinking about trying to take up sewing again! As a teen I had a sewing teacher, the meanest ole nun who told me I was too dumb to learn and favored a girl I still know today. Rhonda was cute and popular but today I am happily married and she has three former marriages and a youth complex and a partying problem! Glad I am who I am! My Auntie Ang sewed like a dream and she helped me complete so many of my projects. That mean ole nun, my friend Sue at CollectInTexas told me to forget her, and sew! She said I had it in me! I have thought about it most of my life. My mother always canned tomato sauce. I should do it but we have not had a garden. I am hopeful maybe next year. I always forget the hospital where I work next door has a big peach sale each year. They bring in the prettiest Colorado peaches! Sigh! Next year, God willing, I am buying that bushel of peaches and I will call my friend Lorna. She lives up the road a spell and she can come teach me the fine art of canning those peaches. She is the Queen of Canning and makes everything from scratch! I so love her. You are on a remarkable journey Linda. I wish you love and all your dreams to come true!


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