Thursday, September 25, 2014

Broadway Market Coffeehouse.......its very pretty....if I say so myself.

Hello sweet ladies.......this is the Broadway Market Coffeehouse that we have just taken over. 

We opened last Monday and haven't stopped being busy. The Lord has been so faithful to get us through everyday! Long hours now, but so nice to meet so many interesting people. The other day 3 bikers came in from LONDON!!!!!! Can you believe that. We cooked off some sandwiches for them made up some drinks and off they went. All ages come to the coffeehouse. 

We are learning so much about the business......tonight is the first time coming home in the daylight. Course it turned dark soon after, but it was nice to see that the soybeans had been cut. Thank you Jesus. Well, I just had to write.......more pictures later......but this is the front of the building. Big farm tables, lots of chairs and benches. The kids like it, Momma's with little ones have been sitting there......Bible studies are being done. 

Tomorrow night we are having our first concert. I will take pictures and share. 

Love and hugs......I am getting ready to go to sleep! 

Would so love for you to come, if you live close......even if you don't.....come and see me!



  1. Congratulations!!

    I do hope to get a chance to stop by. It's quite a drive but would be so fun to stop in!

    God Bless

  2. I raise a cup of hot tea in your honor of opening the coffee house. May you be a blessing to many people. Too far for me for a visit, sigh. Take care!


  3. Your coffee shop is very welcoming.

  4. So welcoming, Linda! It looks like a very comfortable, comforting place. Isn't it neat to see how God is using your skills and talents, not to mention your hearts for ministry, in this new venture? I was just thinking of how He prepared you for some of this by providing the jobs in food service at the college. Such a blessing to see His hand at work in our lives!

  5. More photos, PLEASE! I wish I could just stop in....

  6. That makes me want to come see it. I wish!!! Need exactly where you are located.


  7. Oh Linda you have no idea how I'd love to walk through those doors! Sounds like you're off to a good start!


  8. Linda, your coffee shop is adorable! I love it and I want that fireplace mantel :D

  9. Hello ladies, thank you for the encouragement!!!!!! We had a concert last night and the previous owners thought we had about 75 to 100 people. It was so so fun to see college kids and families from the community! The Broadway Market Coffeehouse is downtown Sterling, Kansas. Not hard to find. We are seeing how the Lord is using it already and we praise Him for the opportunities to love people for Him. We need prayer for strength. The days are long, but it won't always be this way. Hugs to each of you.......Susan, the mantel was built when the store opened. It is beautiful!!!!!!!! Love you ladies, me

  10. My goodness and congratulations! I love watching how the Lord is working in you and through you!

  11. Such a precious place you have. All those smiling faces coming and going! It was such a wonderful time for us to see you and your phamily and watch your business at work. Always praying for you.

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