Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Broadway Market busy!

Hello sweet ladies!!!!!!!! It's me! 

Oh feet hurt, my legs hurt.......I feel like I can't sit and rest......except on SONdays! The coffeehouse is coming along and we are getting used to our new life. We get up early and go to bed late.......someone said we will get into the groove......I am hoping! It is hard work, but the blessings are many. The doors are swinging to the coffeehouse and we are meeting so many precious people daily. So many come to do Bible studies......I watch kids is precious to watch and I get to take them before Jesus myself! There is much "learning" to be learned on how to run the coffeehouse......we ARE getting it though. Just going to take time. Sometimes it is overwhelming so we just cry and pray.....big time. We are on our second week......oh my is it easier then the first week. The picture above is our little kitchen where we do our cooking.......I brought in my little prayer sign that I had at the college caf, when our family worked there. It is helping me keep my mind and heart focused on Jesus

A day starts with coming in and seeing what I need to prep for the sandwiches. I have a little top fridge that has all the products I need to make the Panni sandwiches. Every sandwich is delish!!!! The owner's sister before us created all the recipes for the sandwiches. Everyone in town would ask........"are you changing anything on the menu?" we knew they meant were the sandwiches changing. That is what the market is known for and we would love to have you ladies come and taste one and sit at our table!!!!!!

Thank you so for the prayers.......I miss my animals, but know that life will be less hectic soon and I will be on the farm more. We are hoping to use the farm for the college kids again as the weather gets cooler. 

If you have any questions about the market.....please ask......I will be taking some pictures......I try and it gets I am on a mission! Want to do a video of what we have done.

Love you and will pray for you all as I am standing in my little kitchen. Your friendship is my blessing from the Lord!



  1. Glad it's all going so well Linda. Will stop by if ever I'm in your part of the world!!

  2. A coffeehouse sounds like a fantastic ministry, Linda. What an opportunity. Blessings as you serve the Lord (even when you're dead tired.) :-)

  3. I am sure it will get easier as you learn the ropes. I looked to see how far it was from GA. YIKES!! About 1000 miles. I would love to see you and your shop.


  4. You are such a blessing. I'm praying for strength for all of you and a quick adjustment. <3

  5. Your coffeehouse sounds wonderful! Please remind me - what town is it in? =)

  6. Hi Emma.......oh my would I ever want you to come and see me!!!!!!!

    Cranberry is. God is blessing and using us in lots of ways........the college kids are coming and it is so so fun to love on them!!!!! I am so tired. 13 hours today.......want sleep!!!!!!!

    Charlotte, I think it is getting easier each day. 1000 is to far is it???????? Heehee! I would loveeeeeee to see you!

    Staci, you are a blessing! Thank you so for praying for us. God is answering for sure....hugs, me

    Melissa, Sterling Kansas. It is a special place for sure! Hugs, Linda

    1. Thanks Linda! I wish that I lived closer to Sterling! =)

  7. My hubby says if you ever need help printing the item a d sandwich menu let me know. He would be delighted to print them for you like little menus. Anything we can do to help do not hesitate to ask. I like how your little shop looks, so comfy and so homey. A precious treasure.


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