Sunday, October 12, 2014

Farm life.......calms my heart.......EVERY time!

Good SONday morning!!!!!!!! To the sweetest ladies!!!!!!

Went out this morning to care for my farm animals......look who was peeking her head out to greet the morning...made my heart smile. I am finding JOY in the little a leaf that is nestled in the pine tree and the sun shining on it...looks like Autumn here on the farm....the wheat is coming up and we are sooooo grateful for the Lord's provisions, asking for protection. I know so many pray for our family.....I have a praise of thanks!!! Our Taylor wants to work part time as her sweet man finishes up his schooling. We prayed for a nanny job and the Lord gave her two little twin boys...the family had to move away and sow she was left without a job. We all prayed again.....she got a job...a tiny little boy.....6 weeks old...when she called she was ecstatic!!!!!!! He is my path!!! Love you and praying for your sweet families!

Hugs and God Bless YOU,



  1. Beautiful post. I smile when I see beautiful colored leaves that have fallen. You are right about the little things,and all farm related.

    1. Thank you so for writing Kristina. I miss everyone so much, but am sure the Lord has me and my fam at the market for this time. There are so many who need encouragement for sure!!!!!!!! Hugs to you......glad you like the little things......they make life a whole lot better! Linda

  2. I know you are happy that Taylor is getting on so beautifully while her sweet man finished his schooling. Blessings everywhere. I am so happy today that I met a favorite friend face to face. I know the Lord works always in our lives.Putting us where He needs us and making our hearts sing!


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