Thursday, October 9, 2014

Some more pics

Hello sweet ladies, 

I have wanted to send you some pic's on the inside of the coffeehouse. 

The top picture is what I call the living room area. I wanted the kids to be able to sit where they felt like family. They love it and use it all the time! So do has served it's purpose and blesses me when I see family happening!!!!!!! Today we had a new Momma with a 6 week old and her girlfriend sitting together. Momma rocking her little one! LOVE IT!!!!!!! If you click the pic it will show pic's better. The second pic from the right is another sitting area. Families and kids eat here around the little coffee table!!!!! Love it. The pic on bottom left has chairs at the end of each bench and a chair at the end of the table now. We had a family that came to see their college daughter and stayed for hours playing a game. That was sweetness!!!!!!!!!! The bottom right has been used for ladies studying, using their computers and families all around the table. The tables are located at the front of the coffeehouse right when people walk in. Everyone has told us the market looks homey......that is exactly what we want to hear! 

I am off to tired, but I have some more pic's I will get up tomorrow. Just wanted to show you around a little. 

I love you all and thank you that you are following us on our is that. Everyday the Lord shows why He has us there. Little dots on the i's!!!!!! Lots of opportunities......but one thing that has been happening is people are blessing us with their kindness!!!! Tonight the wife "owner" before us brought us dinner. Talk about kindness! She and I have become like sisters and the fact she was loving on us made me see how blessed I am. She is enjoying her time with her family cooking and such and shared with our family! 

Blessings and God bless hearing from you!



  1. This is lovely, Linda! So neat to see the place God has provided for you to serve and minister. I just know He is going to use your family and this place for His glory!!

    When we visit our daughter and family out west, there is a coffee shop much like this one where we always love to visit. Nearly always see a one-on-one Bible study happening or some other fellowship or outreach. Such a blessing!

  2. I just knew you'd create a homey place! Have you ever been to the coffee house/bookstore in McPherson? It's huge - but very homey. Seems there were always Bible studies or one-on-one meetings going on. (Gary and I visited it a couple of times a couple of years ago when we visited our daughter.)

  3. Linda, I'm so excited for you with this new step! You've set up the coffee shop in such a welcoming way. May the Lord give you man opportunities to speak of Him.

  4. SO wonderful & inviting. Love it.

    Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

  5. What a wonderful setting. I'm sure they LOVE having the coffeehouse and can see how you LOVE having them all there, Linda!

  6. Closed my eyes and relived my day spending a little time with my beautiful friend! Watching you tell the story of the coffee house makes me smile. All the lives you are touching! Sheer joy for the Lord! Love, love, love what you have.Beautiful settings for those hurting and just needing a place to unwind. Hugs! Anne


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