Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Our CHRISTmas Lamb

Good fun to be here early this morning to share with you our happenings on the farm. BIG NEWS. No fluff on the pictures. Just want to get them up so you can enjoy right along side us!

Yesterday morning My Sweet Man came in from chores and said that Willow had twins........only one made it though.....I was thankful I didn't have to witness that........out the door I flew! 
Meet Bittersweet!

He looks so much like his daddy Birch.......has Momma's markings in his face though. Notice his wooly legs.

His Momma talked and talked to him......little grunting noises. So so precious. So wish you could all be here to witness this miracle. God blessed me so with this little one. 

Little lambs are so precious. They go all over.....under the head.......under her tummy......they are always getting stuck some where on the Mom.

Pure sweetness! God blessed me so!

Love his sweet face.

He tried to nurse, but was still wobbly......and cold.......called my Shepherdess friend and she said he needed to be warm.......and also some colostrum. This is the part I dislike most about having to not getting to work and live all day at our farm.......

We bundled him in a towel and off to the my friends farm we went........he was going to stay with her and get all warm. She fed him colostrum and brought him back in a few hours. She text me that he was doing great. Talk about thankful to have a friend who would do that!!!!!!!

Left the coffeehouse later in the day to check on him and get some warm lights in the little shed before night time.  I will continue tomorrow with the other pictures. He was laying in the sun when we got there. He is so tiny!!!!!

I have two other Mommas who could also have some babies. This is a horrible time of year to have baby lambs. Birch was just not thinking!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures. We love this little CHRISTmas lamb, but we are going to have to be real careful to keep him safe throughout the winter. 

Thank you so for always being here when I have exciting news. Knew you would enjoy this!

Blessings and hugs to your day!!!



  1. So precious...thank you for seeing what is going on at your farm...blessings to you!!

  2. Oh goodness, my comment disappeared! Silly technology. I am loving these sweet stories of the farm. I am sad for his twin but this lil lamb will be a joyful face for all of you. We have the cold weather too. So wishing we would have more warm days, I am having such a difficult time with this unemployment and your farm stories are keeping my head above water! Life is tough, God is good and He knows all of our needs. Love you.

  3. Hope to hear his Christmasy name soon :)

  4. So sweet and adorable lamb. I hope the others give birth when your home. Like the evening of the 24th ;) Have a blessed and Merry Christmas.


  5. Sprachen seine Momma und sprach mit ihm ...... wenig Grunzlaute. Also so kostbar. So wünschte, Sie könnten alle hier sein, um dieses Wunder zu erleben. Gott segnete mich so mit diesem kleinen.

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