Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry CHRISTmas to each of you precious ladies!

Hello sweet ladies.........Merry CHRISTmas!!!!!!!!

We have had lots of fog, 

we woke to snow and we have had some beautiful weather. 

This little baby lamb has been such a blessing!!!!!!! I could sit for hours and watch him. Time doesn't permit it, but the little time I do have with.... makes life so precious! God knew we alllll needed this gift. 

I trust that each of you are enjoying your time with family during this CHRISTmas season. If you are alone this year, know that I am praying for you. So much can change our life and I just want you to know that I am thinking of you if saddness has happened. He will get you through whatever is before you!!!! Call out to Him.......He will listen. Take refuge in His will keep you close to Him

"You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your Word." Psalm 119:114

I know lots of changes have happened in my life these last few months and it has taken all that I have to keep life as normal as I can. My trust has been in the Lord as I live out what He has before our family each day. Days have been exhausting, but He has kept us wrapped in His care. Now that the CHRISTmas season is soon behind us, things will slow down at the coffeehouse......I think. Wink!

The farm continues to bring bits of joy. One of my little pullets laid a tiny tiny egg. Simple things........just bless my day! Miss the farm......but thankful when the Lord carves a little bit of time for me to enjoy things like this!

I have enjoyed when friends come to the coffeehouse......the other day my farm girlfriend Gail came and we sat and exchanged gifts and ate a cup of soup. Sweet fellowship! It was wonderful catching up on each families news. She made a beautiful pair of half favorite! The packaging was beautiful! 

39 years ago today I gave birth to a very special son. Joshua Aaron Stubbs. He has taught me each one of my children have over the years. His heart as helped me to learn much about forgiveness. My prayer for him this year is that He would grow in he continues his journey here on earth. May God bless and keep him with all He wants to do with his life and may many come to know Jesus as he serves Him daily.

I wanted to wish you all a Merry CHRISTmas! 

Love you!!!!!!!



  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family....


  2. MERRY CHRISTmas and a HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEAR to you and yours.

    JESUS is the reason for ALL seasons!!

    GOD BLESS!!!

  3. Merry CHRISTmas! I hope you and yours had a beautiful day. I am always praying for all of you and will pray extra hard for your son. Happy birthday to him. What a gift to have this day! I always will pray for you and yours and I will always smile when I stop by here. Love the pics. Love you. Anne

  4. Merry Christmas.Linda. Our day was ok, just had to rely on God to get me thru rough spots we didn't forsee happening. God is merciful and touches the brokenhearted. There were good things that made the day shine. I enjoy your post. Pop over to my post for Christmas. Hugs, my friend!

  5. Merry Christmas, Linda! Our day was different, but good. Thanks for taking the precious time to share a greeting with all of us!

  6. A belated Merry Christmas to you and your family....glad you could be together for the day. Our Christmas was quiet but very nice........we opened gifts and talked to our children on the phone. God bless you.

  7. Merry Christmas to you and yours :)

  8. I was blessed just to see YOUR snow! It was rather dreary and wet weather-wise here. A most unusual Christmas in many ways, but one that made me contemplate what it's all about in the first place!

    We have a Joshua Aaron, too! He's a little over a year older than yours....

    Wondering if your coffee house is open this coming week or if you have a week to enjoy farm life?

  9. Hi
    I hope you had a great Christmas. Wishing you and your family a wonderfully blessed New Year. Lots of cold temps here in the Pacific Northwest. But wont be long till Spring gets here. Only 76 more days. :)

    God bless


  10. Dieses kleine Baby Lamm war so ein Segen !!!!!!! Ich könnte stundenlang sitzen und beobachten ihn. Zeit erlaubt es nicht, aber die wenig Zeit ich mit .... haben macht das Leben so kostbar! Gott wusste, dass wir alllll benötigt dieses Geschenk.


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