Monday, January 19, 2015

New little ONE! Her name is Myrtle!

Hello sweet ladies, 

How are all of you doing.......I know.......I haven't been by here lately. We are putting in so many hours at the coffeehouse and when we are home...... I am trying to get all done that needed to be done the whole week. God is using the coffeehouse in precious ways. After watching the news.......and all that is going on..........we have to share Jesus more than ever! Just seems to me that the Bible and the Truth of His Word is being ripped apart. Choosing what we want to believe and not taking His Word seriously. So, I am thankful the Lord has me where I can love people! Sin is abounding.......not because I say so, but because He has a way for us to live....... in His Word to protect us from ourselves! I am so not perfect! I need my family of God to encourage me and they do! 

If you need prayer in anyway........please leave it here in the comment or contact me via email......found at the top right side. I will pray. Please pray for us also. My heart is so sad to see what is happening.......but God knows it all and will work it out until He comes back for us! What a precious day that will be! Hope in the real! It is going to happen.......we have to be ready!

Now for the know my Olivia has been waiting just forever to have her baby or babies! Everyday we would check.....sometimes 3 and 4 times. She was fat......not that it looks like it here in the pic. Cameras are funny sometimes. Well.........

today we were home.........our day off. My sweet man came in and said.........."get your camera........and heavy coat on and come with me"! Well I knew exactly what was going on. One.........two? Out the door! 

Only one little girl.......her name is Myrtle! I love her name.......don't you? She has black little ears, black under each eye and a little black smudge on her nose. Absolutely adorableness! By the time we got out there she was all dry and snuggled in a bed of straw. She had probably been born in the wee hours of the morning.  .....while I was sleeping in! 

I could barely wait to get out there! I peeked in.........and was surprised there was only one. Olivia was huge...couldn't believe she had only one........but it was a girl and I was ecstatic! 

I am so thankful the day was a warm one here. Now I just have to keep both the little ones nice and protected from the winter and we will be fine. 

As you can see Bittersweet is a sweetie. He is eating alfalfa like a big boy! Getting fat and so so healthy! The babies are almost exactly a month apart! They will have fun scampering around the barn yard. 

I love my gifts! I miss being home.........and the city is not my thing.......never has been........but that is where the Lord has us and I am learning to adjust! Everyday He gives us something specific to do for Him. I want to having these two little ones in the dead of the winter........I know He was thinking of me at this time! I needed a little fun on the farm!

Well, love you all.......please write and let me know how you all are......I do so miss you, but Facebook has been good. 

Come over and join in!

Blessings and may the Lord be all you need!



  1. "Myrtle" is a perfect name. (Shared with one of my favorite deceased aunts.) She and Bittersweet are both adorable!

  2. Myrtle is so sweet, what an adorable little face! I encourage you to keep sharing the faith, Linda. People need to know the truth in these last days. There is so much confusion and misunderstanding. It takes courage to share our faith in these times. God bless you--I'm sure he has you there for a plan and purpose.

    Hugs, Sheri :)

  3. So good to hear from you, Linda, and such precious news. Myrtle is such a perfect name, in keeping with all of your other tree/shrub/growing things names!

    Yes, keep on keeping on. It's wonderful God has you in a place where you can freely share your faith and encourage others in Him. God bless your day!

  4. I saw Miss Myrtle at Face Book, she is precious. I always need prayer. I am so frustrated by the system and this unemployment stuff. I am praying God will allow me to hang int here until my birthday Dec 3 so I may take my tiny tiny retirement from Social Security and enjoy my life as a home loving lady! The world is going mad. I look forward to our church service each week. Our church has covered many controversial topics and last week we studied the word regarding the end times. we never knwo when it will happen but we must alway be prepared. I need prayer for my cousin Sharon too. She is 67. Lives alone. Had a stroke and was not found until 14 hours later which makes recovery so difficult. She is so unhappy and I am afraid she will not last. Please pray, To be trapped inside a broken body and yet have your wits about you must be maddening. Pray please. Always grateful when I see you here. Discouraged today and the Lord showed me many scripture including this one,
    Joshua 1:9

    "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” I am hanging on. Love you.

  5. What a nice surprise to see this update from you. Another cute little sheep.

    Yes, this world is in a mess. The LORD is the only thing we can depend on.

  6. Waving and smiling at the announcement of Sweet Myrtle's arrival!.

  7. myrtle. she's precious. :)
    i love how you weave your heart and God's word and your home life in a sweet little package for us your readers. so appreciative. prayer? oh yes. please. thank you.

  8. Nun zu den Nachrichten ....... Sie wissen, meine Olivia wurde nur immer darauf warten, ihr Baby oder Babys haben!


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