Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hello Sweets!!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies.......I have missed blogging. I know I keep saying that, but it is true!!!

oh my.......I am not sure where to thing for have been me. I know lots of you follow my Prairie Flower Farm Fb......and I am thankful that I can stay in touch with you there. It seems to be easier for me to at least put up a little post then over here on my blog. The last time I wrote was way back in Nov.......between Nov and Dec. We sold the flower part of the Coffeehouse. It has made our life so much simpler. The coffeehouse keeps us so busy as is and the food has been keeping us very busy also. It is a better fit for us....we seem more calm, which has been much needed. 

Our family took a few days off after CHRISTmas and over the New Year.....while all the college kids went back home for vacation.....we went on a a mini vacation. Off  to go see the mountains in Colorado. It was so beautiful, the mountains were covered of to bottom.......we soooo enjoyed ourselves! While we were gone we had some remodeling done at the shop.......we had the kitchen enlarged. It was really little and now we have more room and are more efficient with our time. Adding some new foods to the menu.

 One new recipe was this Almond Biscotti. It is super easy to make and a sweet gift for any kind of occasion. 

Go here for the is so so nummy!!! 

When we got back from our mini vaca, my sweet man and I put up  a unit that we used at the International Quilt market years back to replace where the flower fridge was. I decorated with a Winter theme!  I never cared for the flower fridge......looks prettier when you look in the window to the shop and when you enter I think. Everyone loves it.......little ones run in the front door to be able to sit at it......couples who are on dates use it.....Bible studies are is pretty! So many men and women look at it to see how it is made......want to build one at their home for outside sitting. It's been a fun place for sure and would be super easy to build!

We have been working on remodeling our farm house. It is taking longer......but we are getting what we can done in the time that we have. I am so excited that now it is getting warmer and hopefully we will be getting all the new windows in. Her is a little area in our bedroom...I brought back all the hooks from the back porch of our old farm. Just a little place to hang my special necklaces. Simple.....but so what I like!!!

February was calmer for us.......we didn't have to do the Valentine flowers.......but we are selling succulents and cactus in the shop. They are very popular and we do well with the college girls wanting something sweet for their dorm rooms. We noticed our life being a lot more calm. 

Little did we know that March of 2016 our life would again Auntie (my Momma's sister) would need a place to live. She got very ill and ended up in the hospital in California. We had three days to get ready to fly out and bring her back. Of course we had to go to the ocean........two different was so wonderful to see it again. I so miss the water......and the mountains but the Lord blessed us so!! We drove back....she didn't want to fly.....we enjoyed traveling. We are now trying to get her settled......she is 88.....we have her back to health for which we are thankful. She has always lived in life has become an adventure!! 

A blessing for me was a Momma Hen had 7 little ones......brings a lot of joy to the farm......another Momma Hen was laying on......

three fertile duck eggs.......

three hatched.....Momma Hen is quite happy with her babies.......we gave all the babies to a family with 6 children......they are having a wonderful time for sure!!!  My Auntie loved them! I brought them into the house and put them by her chair......on the floor......I hadn't seen her so happy!!! She is learning to love the age of 88. She loves us......and our family. Never met any one like our family......she thinks we have a huge family. She has never really had one......we are showing her a new family that loves the Lord. Please pray for us.........the Lord is pursing her.....we pray!!! 

Spring has sprung! New life on the farm!!!! My favorite time of the year......watching things sprout is such a precious thing to seeing.....what the Lord created.....happen before my eyes. We received 1" so far from a rain last night. OH MY......the Lord came through. We have been watching the wheat stress.....this will help us so much. 

A few weeks back we packed Auntie and the car up to go visit a Prairie Flower farm girl's was a delightful time. She has bees, pigs......and chickens so far on her farm. I loved the sweet man will neverrrr let me have some.....but they are fun to watch. Auntie loved Suzanne!! She is meeting lots of people that love her. 

So glad I had some time to say hello......we are on a mini vacation doing a wedding. Auntie is staying with a girl from the college on the farm......being a care giver day after day is very hard. You have to take some time away......we are with our girl and son in love.......very very sweet time!

Hugs and God bless each of you, would love to hear how
you are all doing!!!!! Love you bunches!!!



  1. Hi Linda, so good to see you here. I miss when I can not blog. April has been a wild ride for us. The wedding (30th), the boys bachelor time in Las Vegas, Nick flying home for the wedding only to turn around and have us pick him up for his final days at school May 4. Traveling on our wedding anniversary (32 glorious years). I am praying when I return the Lord will have some cards in the mail for us. Since I joined my encouragement group and send cards and letters to those in need of encouragement I crave mail. My niece Andrea in Ohio sent a note from her phamily to mine. Baby Beckett was so sick and she and Nick her hubby were so stressed. They were overwhelmed with prayer and so grateful for all who prayed. Those little notes make me smile everyday! A lady we sent cards to during a health crisis has no one to talk with, no family and she told the lady who referred her name to our little group that she opened an envelope everyday for a couple weeks so she could savor those messages. That brings me such joy in my heart. God led me to this group and He is wonderful. He was tired of me whining that I needed a purpose for Him and He sent it to me. Our little middle (Rebekah)is in Ireland. She worked all through high school and college at Sonic and when she worked the drive in she saved all her tips. She is beside herself. They were at Trinity College today with her tour group and she is thrilled. Oh the books they have! Oh My the books! She is so excited, hardly sleeping and I am sure suffering jet lag. Pray for save travels to return home next weekend. Your auntie sounds so sweet. I think sometime people do not have the love of Jesus and when they see it in action, oh my, the blessings that start surrounding you! If you would e mail her name to me I can have our group send some encouragement to her. Do you think she would like to receive a little mail? Your home and business are going to be more beautiful with your remodel. God is blessing you greatly. I see your precious Taylor on the Younique site. Funny how I was looking for some makeup and I saw her there. I bet Jesus sent me over there. She is as beautiful as you and Tressa. Noelle and I helped a friend of mine with her jewelry show she hosted so we are helping her. Noelle is having a show in a few weeks and mine will be later down the road. We have been having a little fun, we are so busy with the wedding and everything. I am headed to my blog to post today. Love to you all and please send me your auntie's info if you would. I also have a little late birthday gift to send your way. Hugs and Blessings, Anne

  2. Good to hear from you and the catch up was great. So busy and so am I nearly every day. We're in stand by, waiting the call to watch grandchildren so our son can take wife to hospital for birth of baby #3. Have a blessed week.

  3. It was so good to see you had an update today. Love hearing from you. You always make me want to come visit your coffee shop when I read about it.

    No, being a care giver is not easy. Seems like she is happy with you all.

    Thanks for letting us all know how you have been doing.

    Charlotte Moore

  4. It was wonderful to read your post! I'm selfish enough to be eager for your next whenever that happens to be! May the Lord bless and keep you!

  5. Wonderful post as always. So good to see you here. I follow you on FB but this is just a little more personal! Bless you for all you do. Glad you're able to get away once in awhile. Our grandson just moved to Colorado... yes everyone says its gorgeous there!!

  6. bless you for taking in your dear auntie and sharing the Lord's love with her. yes, care giving can be exhausting - *do* plan little getaways for refreshment. you live such a busy life - continue to filling up that well. ♥

  7. Oh Linda, I've missed you so much. Our cafe ended up being a money pit. We closed it last December. It's going to take awhile to get back on our feet financially. It's so hard to invest money, work hard for two years, living on a shoestring, then end up owing money for two or three more years to pay for it. I'm sure God will help us through.

    I'm so glad that your coffee shop is working well for you. It sounds like you're living a very full life right now.

    I do miss you. I suppose I need to go look you up on facebook. Your posts haven't been coming through my feed lately.

    Have a wonderful week,
    Laura Lane
    Harvest Lane Cottage

  8. glad your back now we need some beautiful floral arrangements -

  9. really good read

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