Monday, September 19, 2016

Today....... It Was A Quiet Day On Our Farm!

Hello sweet has been some fact it feels like forever. I have been on hold for quite a few fact ever since my Auntie has moved here. It has been 7 months now and I am just now feeling like I have my life back. With the 

coffeehouse which we can't believe we have now had it for 2 years. Where has the time gone? We took it very slow when we started running the shop.....not adding to much to our daily regular....lately it seems like our time has allowed us to to start adding more to our menu. Baking is one of our favorite things and I have been pinning many recipes to my Pinterest. Broadway Market Food . We have been baking scones, cute little bundt muffins, other pastries. Two new sandwiches.....wish you could come and eat at our table. 

Our garden has kept us busy also........lots of rain and lots of thankful......I have been able to put up gallons for the winter.  The zinnias have been so colorful and beautiful this year. Everything around the farm has been green. 

Last weekend we worked on the Milk House needed a new window for the winter......All Ready!!!!!! Have 14 pullets and a few of them are giving us "little eggs".  Makes my day when I go to see who else is leaving me a gift. 

Today I started going through boxes......the ones from when we started remodeling last winter. Feeling good about all I got accomplished. Love my Monday's when I get to stay home. I can get so much done if not interrupted  You know what I mean? Then I thought how nice it would be to get my sewing machine back up and running. I set it on my new little galvanized table......cute!!!!!!!! 

I was ready to start a little project. There is an elderly gentlemen that has come into the coffeehouse since we first got the shop. At first he was a little "unique".......but now......he thinks we are okay........ I think. Anyway he volunteers  out at our Refuge and loves do we. It is a beautiful place to go.....lots of birds migrate out there and Tress has enjoyed watching them come and go. The birds and coffee has given them some common to watch the two of them....the old and the action. The two of them bless our lives! Anyway.He wants to get different pinecones and freeze them so he can plant the seeds later. Can't wait to watch what he does. It was such a enjoyable time sitting at my machine.....need to do it more often!

 Our friend wanted a burlap bag sewn up. I said not a problem.....I would love to make him one. 

 He wanted a 12"x12" bag to put the cones in.......ask if I had fun sitting at my machine......when I start sewing just calms my nerves. For some I know it doesn't do that, but for is my therapy!

So this brought you a little up to date all who follow on my blog. So sorry that I haven't been consistent. Market.......Auntie.......just been way to hard to keep up with miss blogging though. Please please please write if you have a minute and let me know how you all are.......I do do Facebook but I know some of you don't get on there.......hugs to you!!!

Been praying much for our world and our country. Ladies......that is one thing we can do.....and He says it makes a difference! We so need it. Something is happening and happening fast. Thankful the Lord has all things in control!!

What would we do if we didn't know that!!

Hugs and much love sent your way,




  1. Hi Linda, good to see you here! I know how much you love sewing! Your stories always have a smile for me. Glad you are getting so much done. My hubby was home today, doctor visit, it was quick so we had breakfast out with Rebekah, she had her lasik eye surgery on Saturday. Doing well. She is at a bible study group tonight. We went to see the movie Sully about the plane that landed on the Hudson river. It was a great movie. I need to get back into getting my house organized this week. It was hot over the weekend and today too! Jeremy told us a friend of us lost her dad over the weekend. He was in his 40;s and had knee surgery. He had a blood clot and it went into his lungs and he passed away. Very sad. Please pray for Lexie and her family. Your daughter and your friend sound so sweet together enjoying the Refuge. I like your burlap bag you sewed. One day I want to buy a sewing machine and retry my hand at it. I miss my auntie Ang, she was a whiz at sewing and did beautiful work. I miss her so much. I was happy to be here, take care and enjoy your week. Love, Anne

  2. So good to see a new post on your blog! Life can get so busy at times can't it!
    I have had a busy summer as my youngest daughter got married over labor day weekend! It was a beautiful and godly wedding . They were married by wonderful chaplin from the local police and fireman chaplin assocation ,my son -in-law is a fireman/paramedic.
    I have started to work on some things for an upcoming christmas sale in november!
    Blessings to your day!

  3. It was a sweet surprise to see your blog pop to the top of my sidebar, Linda. How lovely to read an update on your lives. You are a blessing and make me smile. We are busy with the everyday things of life....the kids are growing up too quickly for my liking. But, you are right...the Lord is in control and does all things well. How wonderful it is to rest our hearts in Him! Big Hugs, Camille xo

  4. So good to hear from you. I'm one that isn't on facebook, so I forget to go look you up on facebook. Glad you're doing well, and that you had time to sew and write to us. Thank you for making a difference in people's lives where God has you. Blessings, Michelle

  5. Brought me joy to read your post. You have such a good way with words! I am staying busy too. We are having a new grandson this Friday, Sept. 23rd. Our daughter-in-law has to have a c-section though. Prayers appreciated that our little guy arrives safely with no complications. Big brother, Liam, is anxious to meet his little brother and we are too. Have a wonderful autumn! Love to you and yours, Donna

  6. What a lovely surprise to see you had posted on your blog. You always have such a good read. I would love to come to your Coffee House just so I could see it. It sounds so quaint and a friendly place t be.

    We have had probably the driest summer I can ever remember. My husband had to water his garden almost every day. It was a chore too. We never hit the 3 digits but oh it was so dry and humidity was horrible. We live in North GA. It is still how and we still need rain. We finally got 2 and 1/2 inches Sunday. We just kept thanking the LORD.

    How is the married couple doing? GOD BLESS!!

    Thanks for the update!

    Charlotte Moore

  7. Oh Linda what a lovely post. Especially the ending. I've missed you. Glad your back. I loved the burlap bag so cute.
    I'm having a Fall linky party. I'd love you to come over and link this and all your posts.
    Happy Fall!

  8. Oh Linda, It's always a joy to hear from you!
    I'm so glad you were able to sew. I sat down at the machine and mended a towel yesterday. Just mending, yet it made me feel so relaxed and right. I'm going to try to squeeze in a few minutes again today.

    Hugs to you!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    P.S. Here's my want to do bucket list for fall.

  9. Hi Linda!
    Great to hear from you here! Always enjoys your posts! I'm caregiver for my husband and continue to knit/crochet for my church...prayer shawls & Baptism blankies! I turned in 12 blankies this month! Oldest g'son started college this fall! Waiting for fall colors to arrive in Iowa!! And cooler temps!! Milestone b-day this past my Medicare card!! God Bless! Linda

  10. Hi Linda!
    Great to hear from you here! Always enjoys your posts! I'm caregiver for my husband and continue to knit/crochet for my church...prayer shawls & Baptism blankies! I turned in 12 blankies this month! Oldest g'son started college this fall! Waiting for fall colors to arrive in Iowa!! And cooler temps!! Milestone b-day this past my Medicare card!! God Bless! Linda

  11. I miss you!

    Please drop by and say hello!
    Harvest Lane Cottage
    ...doing what I can with what I've got where I am
    on a short shoestring budget!

  12. I've been intending to comment ever since you posted this. Guess I have been busy! I've been doing a few very simple sewing projects. It seems that as I age I am just not as good at sewing as I used to be, so small simple projects are the way to go.

    My eldercare load has lightened a bit (my dad is in a nursing home) and, although it's a relief, I still have much to do with paying his bills, looking after his house, and so on.

    I'm not on Facebook so I seldom think to visit you there. I will try and do that more often so I can see what you're up to.

    God bless,
    Mrs. T

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