Wednesday, June 17, 2009


It is out in the stores!!!!!

This magazine will be a feast for your eyes. Each page is wonderful. I have enjoyed life:beautiful from the first day I found it in the store last year.

Here is a picture of the cupcakes that you could make for your 4th of July table! There is not a recipe for the cupcakes, but a white cake, white frosting and raspberries and blueberries on the top would be easy enough to do. The cupcake holder is tooooo cute! Don't know where they got it, but I would like one.......

It is getting quite warm around the farm these days. Hail came and pelted my tomatoes the other night. It was a sad day yesterday going around the garden. We have had this happen before and the tomatoes made it through just fine. It is amazing what they can take. They were just laying down. Everything else looked okay. We are getting so excited for market. I have my first pink tomato. It should be red real soon.

The other day my husband walked out in the yard. He heard Lilly making her "sweet noises"(she talks allllll the time, to herself). He couldn't see where she was and started looking around. I had taken the flowers out of the crock to give them some water. Lilly had hopped up in my little wagon (given to me by my friend Vickie for my last birthday) and was under the two flags cooling off. She is just too fun.

I am working on the first apron and finishing up the pockets. It is turning out ssoooooooooo cute. I love the pattern and will post it soon. It's been a joy to get back into sewing. The time doesn't seem to be there with the garden and all. Gardening seems to be taking all my time.
I am off to go get some golden wheat straw. I can't wait to have it "lookin" so pretty around the plants. I lay newspaper down first and then the straw. I tuck the newspaper real close to the stem of the plant and then lay the straw. It kills the weeds and then we work it all into the ground in the fall. We are making the soil richer every year we do that!



  1. I'm glad I learned about this blog. I enjoyed reading and enjoyed visiting with you this morning. I'll keep checking in.

    Miriam I.

  2. Linda, the cupcake holder looks very much like one my friend bought for her daughter from Target. If it's not the same it is soooooo close! Do you have a Target? Would you like me to get you one and send it to you?

    Love, JeanM
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