Friday, June 5, 2009


Peace Creek Collections Article In Girlhood Home Companion

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The garden is almost planted!!!!!!!!!!! I found a little time to look at the two articles our family wrote for The Girlhood Home Companion. Jill and her family have done a wonderful job putting the magazine together. The color and arrangement was just breath taking. We were honored to be able to do this! Our fabric was featured that came out this last spring. You will be able to find Farmer's Market at JoAnn's Fabric or Hancock Fabrics near you. When I get some time I will be making curtains for my chicken house with the Farmer's Market fabric.. Can't wait for things to slow down. Like when will that ever be the case : )! We will also have a Harvest Thyme Collection, that will be out for Fall 2009. I will write later. I just love Remembrance Press and all they have available for every age lady.

I have not talked much on my blog, that I design fabric for a company called Fabrics by Spectrix. Designing fabric was never in my thoughts. One day a friend from a distributor called and asked if I would like to do fabric. I was 42, had just had brand new baby girl, just been put in Country Women and "ton's" of mail in the mailbox. We prayed about it and decided to go ahead. It was very hard at first because I didn't know how to paint ( I painted by cutting out stencils) or do fabric. I told the Lord I really needed to learn to paint and in a day I was painting. The fabric company worked along with us and it ended up being very interesting. We have gone to the mill two different times over the years. To watch your designs be put on fabric right before your eyes was just toooooo fun! Our name will be along the selvage edge with Peace Creek Collections by Linda Stubbs. Over the years our daughter Tressa has also done 3 designs.

We also have our own pattern company called Peace Creek Collections. Over the years with the economy, caring for my husbands dad, farming and the Estate, our business has slowed down . We are featured in Keepsake Quilting with our quiet books, so that has kept me busy. I just didn't have the time to design on a large scale. Now that we won't be farming in a big way and we have a blog I will be designing more. I get really excited about where the Lord wants to take us. We have some of our patterns up along the side in e-patterns and will soon be adding to them.

When we did the International Quilt Markets, meeting people was one of my most favorite experiences. The lives and stories of the people I met were wonderful. I never thought I would be a pattern designer or a fabric designer, but I enjoy both. It has given me the means to stay home with my children. I have 5 on earth and 2 in heaven. I also have 9 grandchildren that make my like fun! Please if there is anything I can do to help, let me know.



  1. How exciting and wonderful, Linda. Congrats on the magazine feature! BTW, I use to live in Kansas. Bazine, Ness City, and Scott City.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. i thought i left a comment before, so since its not showing just want to say, thanks for sharing a slice of your life and your designs are gorgeous! hugs :)

  3. Hi! I am so glad you joined Farmgirls...
    Like your blog!
    Please enter me in the contest. Thanks
    Linda aka yarnmamma


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