Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Memories in the making!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies,

Yesterday my sweet man and I went to Hutch......a town about 30 miles from our farm. I had a follower on my fb that sent me a pic of this chicken fan......her sweet man bought her! I knew we were going to have to go in town to get insurance on the crops and thought we would stop by and see if they had one. They had just one!!!!!! I was so so excited! I have named her Miss Fanny Hen......she is adorable don't you think? 

Ater we got our stuff done we stopped by my sweet friends (family) home to visit Rosa, Marian and Grandma Yoder........Grandma was sober this time......she is failing......I don't want to lose her. She is so so dear to me. She has found comfort in her baby doll. It is just a doll......but she talks so sweet to it.....and touches it's face and presses the clothes with her little hands. Marian my sweet friend is the daughter of Grandma......she is fighting with all her might cancer. We had such a sweet time of holding hands.....weeping and praying to our God for help. Praying for our children.....for her was a sweet time even though we don't know what the days will have in front of us. Marian was tired and Rosa was sick with the flu......but God gave us a sweet sweet fellowship. Grandma needed fed......I got to feed took me back to my Momma and when I would feed her. I tucked some memories in my heart last go back to. 

Do you have a memory of days like this? I would love to hear them. Life is hard......but God always with us and will give us Joy in the midst of very difficult times. 

Hugs to your day and may God bless you so much!!!!!



  1. The hen fan is the cutest fan I have ever seen or even imagined. Nice find.
    I pray for comfort for your friends and healing.

  2. Sweet pic of the Grandmother and her "baby" doll.

  3. Oh I love the hen fan and it's name!! I remember going down to folk's to visit late one afternoon. (My mom always did the cooking, and this was before we found out she had a brain tumor...sad..) she mentioned being hungry, not sure what groceries they had..soon I asked about tomato soup and grilled cheese! She was so happy and really enjoyed it! Wonderful and sad movies at the same time.


  4. Praying for your sweet precious friend.


  5. I just had to comment about the cute fan. one of my hens names is Fanny. She was recently attacked by a group of hawks but she played "dead" until I was able to rescue her. It was amazing and such a blessing! So I love the name!

  6. Those precious hoary heads, as the Bible refers to them! I have had the pleasure of being a care provider for a very frail lady named Erma. She was bed fast and I had to feed her, help her to the bed side toilet, pretty much every thing. I remember she would just want me to sit by her in home hospital bed and precious, I had grown rather fond of miss Erma tho our time together was short. I would go in to work{at her home}on Saturdays and would leave in enough time to get to Church the nest morning. Most nights I didn't get to rest. During her last stages of life they moved miss Erma to Hospice where I still would spend the night with her. She had no close relatives. That is so sad to not have any one. My heart belonged to her, I loved her so.The last time I saw Miss Erma we picked beans and cooked them.....she was in an entirely different world at that moment, and I just went along side her. We cooked those beans and stirred them so they wouldn't burn. We also picked flowers and made beautiful flower arrangements for friends. In her mind this is where she was, I never let her know different. To my sadness Miss Erma left this world. I thank my God that He allowed me that precious, precious opportunity. I know she is rejoicing in Heaven!

  7. It's so hard for me to think back on that time, just a year ago, with my momma. It makes me tearful. She had such a rough last year of her life. Though I miss her so, I am so grateful her suffering is over and thankful that she is in a much better place.

  8. Oh my heart breaks for your sweet friends! I hate cancer! I really do! It is mean and nasty just like Satan and it always attacks the good, kind people. We have to trust the Lord and pray and as my momma would say, if that doesn't work, pray harder! Your life is good Linda! I know we all have our own cross to bear but I know how the Lord loves all of us. You are being used by the Lord to share Him! What a joy! As sick as my daddy had been he went peacefully in his sleep and so did my precious momma. Oh how I miss them and yet I know they are sharing in God's goodness and glory and I can only hope that my faith will carry me to them in heaven one day! Blessings, Anne


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