Sunday, July 28, 2013

This Is A Precious Story!

Good morning sweet ladies,

This morning I was listening to a sermon by Erwin Lutzer from Moody Church on A Mother's High Calling, it was a blessing to my heart. Could we please pray for Momma's today.....some are walking through some very difficult times. I have received some emails asking for prayer. Thank you for joining me. Go HERE if you would like to listen to the sermon. He is doing a sermon on Fighting for Your Family.......we are listening to them as a family.......excellent. 

Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, you sons and your daughters, your wives and your HOMES." Nehemiah 4:14

Isn't that an amazing verse? I will fight for my family!!!!!!!

My daughter Tress came in the house a few days ago from getting the mail. There was a package for me......I had not been expecting one. I opened it. On the envelope it read.........

Please read before opening little present!

So I opened the card......and this  letter was on the inside....... 

Dear Linda,
Greetings and love to my friend in Kansas. When I read your post yesterday about Lily (my lamb) my heart broke for you. When I went to bed I was praying for you. You have been going through some difficult times with the loss of your different farm animals and your mom. The Lord reminded me of something that I needed to share. About a year ago I was going through something. Had to have some test done and I not a fan of test/needles. Anyway the Lord gave me different scriptures to stand on. I would meditate on them day and night. I am a kid at heart and so throughout the years I have a few little stuffed animals. I have a few bears, sheep etc. Anyway I had a little sheep that I carried with me. I would put it in my jean pocket and off I would go. It was a reminder that He would never leave me nor forsake me. If I got nervous I would just put my hand in my pocket and hold my little lamb (Jesus). It as my tangible Jesus! In my spirit I knew He was there, but He knew I just needed my little lamb. As I prayed for you I said Lord do I need to send Linda my little lamb. He knew I would, but it came to me about one of my other lambs. At the moment I felt like I knew why. As I lay there I finally had to get up to confirm what He had said to me. So I went to my drawer where I have my lambs, picked it up and yes the Lord always knows.! He never ceases to amaze me! I am in awe of goodness, love, details. He is majestic, marvelous, wonderful, caring! I could go on and on. So amazing to think that when I bought this He knew one day it would be yours! He loves you sooo much!!! So enjoy this gift from the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. When you look at the tag on it, all will be answered! Hugs and love to my friend!!!!!! Love & Hugs,  Judy

Remember she said for me to read the letter first. I opened the little present........the tag read this.......AMAZING GOD!

The tag said "Lily".......God used it for Judy as well as myself about how He is always in the details. Very very precious of Him to do that for us! Now He has done it for you also!
She was the giver of the gift.....He used her to love me.......she knew I would be blessed. I was. Is there anyone that you could bless this next week? If so please leave a comment on what the Lord did. I would loveeee to hear about it! 

Hugs to your day.......He loves very much! Good reminder,



  1. Yes, Truly we have an Amazing God. My son lives in a forest fire area. They had a fast moving one and it was close to his little farm. I put it on the prayer chain and the fire stopped 1 block from his place. The wind had changed and blew it back the other way! Amazing GOD! All his lettle animals and house were safe!

    1. Anonymous, God is so good. Thankful He answered your prayer on saving his little farm!!!!!!!! I love it when we call......and He answers! Praising the Lord with!!!!!! Thank you for leaving a comment! Hugs, me

  2. Oh my our Jesus is amazing in our lives. Linda you bless me everytime you write your blog. Im praying for your Tessa that she be happy in all that comes her way.

  3. Aah, Judy is so sweet! Amazing is our GOD, to remind Judy that she had a lamb (Lily) just waiting for YOU! I will definetly save this sermon and listen to it with my husband! Thank you for sharing Linda, you are always a good and faithful servant to our Father!
    Let me add that we all need to be in prayer for the friends and family of those who died (including the unborn child) in that terrible Bus crash in Ohio (?), a mile away from their church after a week at a camp up north 300 and some miles away. My heart aches for them. Thank you Linda for letting me share this request with you and the other prayer warriors.
    Love you all

  4. What an amazing God we serve. Nothing misses His gaze...nothing. Blessed by your story. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thank you Linda for sharing this...what a beautiful testimony! Our God is amazing!

  6. HE is sooooo good !!!
    Linda, thank you for sharing your lovely gift. Judy, thank you for the reminder :)

  7. SWEET STORY!!!!


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