Monday, July 22, 2013

The Engagement Story From Her Momma!

Hello sweet ladies, 

I have wanted to do this post for some will explain why life has been a little on the "very" busy side! As you know our youngest daughter is getting married. Let me explain a little about our family. Children were a huge part of our life. My sweet man and I love them!!!!!! Behold, children are a heritage (gift) from the LORD, the fruit of the womb is a reward. Psalm 127:3. All of our married life,  which is almost 39 next month we have had children in our life. We have 5 here on earth and two little ones in heaven....which one day I will be a part of their lives!!!!!! We had our boys first.....Jason is 41, Josh is 37 and Jarad is almost 34....then 13 years later we had Tressa......and 3 years after that we had Taylor. We had the 3 boys in semi homeschooling and private schooling......when the girls came into our lives we knew that teaching them at home was "our privilege" and we knew we wanted to do it. So all this to say....I am 61 and never not had a child in our HOME! Just one more thing......when we had our children we dedicated them personally as soon as each child was in our arms after birth..... we asked the Lord for his guidance and help in raising them. Years we prayed that the Lord would bring our daughters husbands to our home........He did just that last year with our youngest. TO OUR HOME! As we were praying with the girls as they were growing up they knew our prayer. We told them to wait on the Lord and He would provide a young man for them. They trusted the Lord and did not date.......and waited. It was as amazing to us that the Lord "did" (we were so excited) bring the young man to our home!!!!! At first they started out with a sweet friendship.......then soon it was more of an interest. Tyler is his name......he knew that he would need to meet with her daddy and myself before anything serious could happen. 

One day he asked us at the college if he could talk with us. He was nervous!!!!!  So were we, but we didn't let him know that! We got to know him in a precious way.....and he us. He came to the house and we told him our prayers and desires for Taylor. He respected our wishes...we told him that Taylor was a gift for us from the Lord.....and we were responsible before God for her life and had taken raising her in the ways of the Lord seriously. Behold children are a heritage (gift) from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Psalm 127:3 That she was a ruby to us...."A worthy woman who can find? For her price is far above rubies." Proverbs 31:10, that we expected no hand holding or to some that may sound weird and that is fine....but for us we wanted friendship and not the physical to get in the way. We said that we expected that for her and we were serious. Taylor trusted us through the whole thing. She submitted to her Daddy and the Lord, which one day would be transferred to her husband. Tyler totally agreed with our wishes. He told us that he was serious about the relationship and wanted to pursue her. We knew he was the relationship grew. A young man that will listen to the parents and do what has been asked is a special thing. We were watching. He respected her Daddy, myself and Taylor. He put her before himself.  I can't tell you how precious he was with our family. He started sending her scripture that were on her phone when she woke.....she would send one so he would have it after baseball was a very precious thing to watch. They started reading the same scripture together everyday. They were growing.

He came again......and ask if it could be official that she could be considered more then a friend.......that he wanted us to know that this was a serious relationship for him towards marriage. They went on their first date. He had her home early......another gift he gave to us! 

They were both a delight to our hearts! They gave such honor to the Lord. God was answering our many prayers. We believe our lives are not ours.......but we belong to the almighty God of the universe.....that we are to bring honor to Him..... the best that we can while here on earth! Do we do that perfectly? No......but that is what we strive for. My sweet man and I made a huge commitment 30 some years ago to do God's will in our lives and with our family. We started to follow the Lord by staying in His Word. Life changed for us......for the good.....was it was hard...but it was right! That is all that mattered. We wanted to leave for our children a Godly that would bring safety to our family....all those grandkids, great grands......and lots more that came after us. Our family verse was Unless the Lord builds the house those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127: 1. That was why we cared so much that Taylor married a man that feared the Lord. We have continued to ask them to not kiss and hold hands....except when we pray at the meals.....(that is precious to see). We believe if they learn self control now, it will follow into their marriage. 

When we were all out in Idaho Tyler came to her Daddy and said that he was serious and wanted to spend his whole life with Tay. We gave our blessing. Life began to change for all of us......especially for our daughter Taylor and Tyler. A few months later he came and said that he would like to buy her a ring....we said yes. He said that he would be looking we prayed with him. 

She said Yes!!!!! Taylor was engaged last June. She had no idea that her sweet man was going to propose. He invited his family, our family and some friends to be there. Tyler wanted to propose to her where he had told her the first time he loved her on our farm. He took her out for dinner and that gave us time to fix the area up. 

We had CHRISTmas lights, a wicker couch and candles in the summer kitchen. Tressa her sister was going to take pic's so she hid in a barrel, Tyler's parents Tracey and Terry and sister who also is Taylor, myself and Saul (who will be a grooms man) were all hiding behind our truck.....some were in a horse trailer....and sweet man was in the barn in charge of the lights when they walked by. Well plans changed.......Tyler was so nervous he knew he would not be able to even get up the steps to the summer he proposed right in front of the truck! He said his legs started shaking......we giggled was special.....we all got to witness the engagement. It was such a joy as families to celebrate with our kids! 

She was speechless.......and precious! She had nooooo idea this was happening! She turned.....and there we all were. God is so good ladies!!!!

One of her desires was to have her finger nails done pretty before they got engaged. Just one of those girl things. Well the night before the engagement Taylor and Tressa went up to be with Tyler's parents. Tracey and the girls were all going through Pinterest. Tracy said.....which is so her and would not throw Tay off, commented on how her nails were looking bad and for fun they should go and get there nails done. Sooooo all the girls went to the salon the next day! Just perfect.....Taylor's hands would be pretty for her ring.....just like she wanted.

To close the evening we all gathered hand in hand in prayer and invited the Lord to watch over them and to bless them until they marry and after! All her life we prayed for "him" and for his Momma and Daddy... as they were raising him. God has been so good to us! We prayed and He made a way for us. We can trust Him with our children......even when it doesn't look like what we think it should look like......He loves them more then we do. I remind myself often!!!. 

WE are so having fun.....planning a wedding for October 18th. I am having emotions going on in my heart that I never knew I could have. I have had children for so up Taylor will be difficult for me. I am a Momma through and my heart is also joyful that my precious girl has a man who will protect and love her. How can I not want that for her!!!!! I think I am ready to adopt!!!!! Smile!

I also want to say.....the way that we have chosen to raise our girls was our decision. We don't put that on anyone else. The Bible says we will all give an account. That means.....Phil and myself. We believe the Lord lead us in this way. 

I will continue my journaling about the dress...... of this very special time in our families life tomorrow. 

Hugs from the farm,



  1. Big smiles here for all of you! Planning a wedding is so much fun.♥♫

  2. Wonderful story, thank you for sharing.

    Mark Lovatt, Tony Faulkners cousin in England.

  3. I am crying! Crying!
    My girls are 11 and 15. They are both committed to one and only one man. No dating, no hand holding, no kissing, nothing. Their brother is just as committed (and big). ~grin~

    We, too, homeschool and have prayed for our daughters and sons, too.

    Thank you for sharing this happily ever after by God story with us.

    Harvest Lane Cottage

  4. As I sat here reading this to my daughter, who is the same age as your oldest daughter and have made these same decisions to allow God to send her the man HE wants for her. I have tears after tears. Such a precious story. I am going to have to share.


  5. EEEK! I already got to hear this story, but it got me all giddy inside reading it!
    I am so excited for the wave of young men and women that are choosing to court instead of date and hold off on the physical part until marriage. This is my utmost desire for my children 3-10 and we talk of it OFTEN! I am doing a blog series on Sex, God's Way this week, and tomorrow is "Saving Sex for Marriage: From Forbidden Fruit to Free Rein". I think its important that we not only talk with our courting couples about why they are waiting, but help them transition mind sets from NO to YES, before the honeymoon arrives. :)

  6. Very sweet story! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Your story is outstanding and amazing and the joy in your daughter's and in Tyler's faces is so pure. Momma, you and your hubby "did something right", how sweet you prayed for her fiance and his parents before you knew who it would be.

  8. Thanks for sharing such a personal and sweet story with your readers. My children are still young, but we won't be many years away from this and so your posting is an encouragement to me. I know it will be such a beautiful, meaningful, and from what I gather from your postings, a magical day for Tay and Tyler as well. Blessing to you all.

  9. There are just no words to describe the blessing I received as I read your story. Jesus spoke about the narrow gate being the only way to true joy, blessed peace and eternal life. Praise to our awesome God. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thank you for sharing this story with all of us. It is always such an encouragement to hear of others who think, feel, and believe the same way that I do. I have been "stalking" your blog for quite a while now, and I always love what I read and see. I can't wait to see all the amazing ideas that you will come up with for the wedding!! My daughter is 15, but I know that these years will fly by!

  11. Congradulations to Tyler Taylor and your entire family. What a sweet sweet story!!

  12. Sweet, sweet story! My Megan just turned seven and we are already praying for the man we want for her. When we have quiet time together I will even tell her this is the kind of man you want and why. I am so happy you shared this!

  13. LOVE this story!!! Oh I so wish I had known about courting and not dating when I was growing up. Especially wish I had known when our sons were growing up. Some people might think it strange, but I think it is great.

    THANKS for sharing!!!

  14. Congratulations! As it happens, October 18th will be my 61st birthday and I too have five children.

  15. Linda I am so glad to see you blogging, I was missing you. This is such a sweet story, and what I wish for my own daughter as she grows into a young woman of God and begins to think of a home and family of her own. You have raised a fine family and they will bring you many blessings in the years to come.

  16. Linda you and your sweet family are such a blessing to our LORD! What a precious night for your beautiful daughter and future son-in-love! What a handsome couple! So sweet to have the whole family there to surprise her!
    Blessings to all of you during this special time!

  17. That's a fantastic story Linda, congratulation to all. Taylor's ring looks beautiful with her fresh manicure. Best wishes with the wedding planing, will you be having it on the farm?

  18. Such a beautiful story! What a blessing for all to know that they are truelly chosen for each other.Look forward to seeing the wedding coming along.You are so creative should be so fun for you and Tay to plan.~Amy

  19. Linda, this is a lovely story! This is what I pray for our children and their future spouses. God is so good and He answers prayers!! Congratulations to you all!

  20. Beautiful! SO precious!! May the LORD continue to bless you all as you walk this exciting road together. May Taylor and Tyler know HIS loving Hand upon them in the years to come. Love and Hugs to you my sweet friend. Camille XO

  21. beautiful post! thank you for sharing their story!
    ^)^ linda

  22. Linda, I was waiting to hear the exciting, special story! Thanks so much for sharing it! Bless you in this journey and the changes ahead. They are a part of life and not always 'easy', but we know they are GOOD! Praying special family times ahead too!

    Love you,

  23. Linda, that is just the most precious thing ever! I am so happy for you and Phil, that a Godly young man was sent to your daughter. As for the empty nest coming up, I recommend getting a German Shepherd. (just kidding). Exciting news for us, btw, is that our oldest son and his family are moving to Wisconsin, near US, - after 21 years in exile! (in Minnesota). :-)

    God's richest blessing on you and your family as you prepare for this exciting event in October!

  24. Congratulations Tyler and Taylor!! And Mom & Dad, too! What a blessing to read your engagement story... a beautiful witness of God's best when we do things His way.


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