Sunday, September 15, 2013

Blessing to Your SONday!!!!!

Good say I have been busy is an understatement.......I feel like I have dropped off the face of the earth sometimes on writing on my blog......well, ya know I have!!!! I miss you all immensely!!!!!!!! There is just not enough time to my day to keep up with everything.....this to shall pass and after the wedding I will be back! . The wedding preparations are taking so much time......

and for some time my precious friend Marian has been having a rough time with her is back.......all over her little body. I am choosing what is best!  I want to embrace all the Lord has for us......praying for a miracle. Asking God to have His will for her........she is one of my dearest friends....will will enjoy our prayer time together.....for how ever long the Lord gives us....we talked about eternity......that we will have forever!!!!!!  I told her I wanted her mansion next door to mine...I know the Lord heard me! My Momma told me that if I could count on one hand my true friends I would be rich......I am rich! 

I have been at least trying to keep up on my fb to stay in touch......please come over if you want to see the what is happening at Prairie Flower Farm. Yesterday we had some baseball guys out painting the joists to the Sanctuary......a huge blessing!!!!!!!  Now to get the stairs finished and then we will be ready to lay the cedar excited about that. It has been busy on the farm!!!!!!! 

Some of our other baseball boys went down to the saw mill and brought back more wood!!!!!! Please pray for protection for us! We really need it. I know the Lord is going to use the Sanctuary......did you know that Solomon used cedar in the rebuilding of the Temple? Here is what the Lord says.......Here

Just know ladies you are loved......a me and are always in my prayers!

Thought you might like to see what I did this morning......I rose early before church to get it done...felt good to stand in my kitchen.....listen to a sermon.....and cut up tomatoes.....into the freezer for the winter months for soups!!!!!!! So thankful to the Lord for the rain.....the garden is feeding another family also.who is canning tomatoes and making that is a double blessing!!!!

Hugs to your SONday! 



  1. Good to hear from you. I know it is a busy time, but an exciting time too.


  2. Oh Linda, I can't believe how you do all you do! God has to be giving you the strength you need. you are so supportive of your dear...dear friend. And how you are able to talk to her about eternity! Your planks are gorgeous and will serve your Sanctuary well!!

    So glad to see all your tomatoes! We froze a lot yesterday and I know when Tom goes down to the garden tomorrow we will have more!! Have you ever canned them in the oven?? Sounds easy! Let me know!


  3. Linda, I think it is so precious that you are able to have such a special visit with your friend, praying for her and her sister and mother. The Lord has given you great strength to do all that you do. It is wonderful that you have so many young men to help you and your husband prepare for the wedding!!! Wow! such excitement!!! Bless you.
    Hugs and blessings for you and your family,

  4. Linda, I miss you posting more, but I believe that you are using your time the way the Lord would want you to at this time in your life. I would love to hear more about the wedding preparations, but the doing for you is what is most important. My prayers are with you and your whole family, plus all those who are helping. I continue to keep your sister in my prayers also.

  5. My tiny garden gave us a handful of squash and a few beets. I will do better next year. Prices are so high at the grocery stores. My friend Bonnie gave us lots of tomatoes so it was a good blessing. Praying for Marian and knowing God has a plan. I wish her to get rest and be free of her pain. But I know we have to trust the Lord. Love and Blessings Anne


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