Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Little Journaling About the Wedding!

Hello sweet ladies,

I have missed so getting to journal. To say that life has been a roller coaster ride is an understatement. I have hit the wall a thousand times this last month it feels like. I wanted to just say hello.....and tell you that I will be posting soon about the was an eventful day......snow for 6 hours starting in the morning, then rain......and then a wedding! It was not as we had planned, but it was beautiful!!!!! All our sweet friends showed up even though it was very cold outside. As the wedding started the sun peaked through the clouds........then as I was seated and Taylor's Daddy started her down the isle the sun came through the sky and we had blue sky. It was an amazing entry as we knew then the Lord was just about to show His Glory!!!!!!! The Sanctuary lit up a golden color!!!!!!!  It was a precious gift. He is so into detail!!!!!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Deutscher. 

The SONshine came out just in time for the wedding.......God is so so amazing!!!!!! We didn't get to decorate the Sanctuary as we wanted, but it was okay......the Bride and Groom were our decorations! Precious gifts these are going to be as the Lord uses them for His purpose!!!! 

God bless your SONday! 



  1. Prayers and hugs for peace and joy for all, and especially for you during today's life celebration and of the birthday in heaven for your dear friend.♥♫

  2. So it was an outside wedding!! I had thought it would be inside the Sanctuary. Thank the LORD for the sunshine.

    Sorry about your friend.

  3. Very pretty. Praise God for the Sonshine Have a blessed Sonday. :)


  4. Glad the wedding day turned out ok. Snow already? Thanks for sharing a couple photos. I was thinking about you on Friday, hey, isn't the wedding tomorrow? I prayed it would go well! Looking forward to your sharing after you have some down time. Sigh! Hugs!

  5. The Sonshine came through and the setting was simple so the wedding couple could shine.

  6. How absolutely beautiful! God is good! He blesses his faithful followers!

    Hope you'll be able to relax for deserve it!


  7. Beautiful! The BEST decorations you could possibly want!
    I am feeling tears of joy for th blessed couple!
    Blessings and prayers to all

  8. Congratulations on your beautiful wedding. You have gained a new family member. How lovely this was!

  9. Such a glorious day! Now you have a new son too! Just precious.


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