Sunday, October 6, 2013

We Have A Winner!

Good Morning sweet friends,

This morning I was tallying up all the names who had entered our giveaway and happened to look out the window of the big door. This is what I saw to the east.........a huge line of clouds, bright red and pink........thought you might like to see what it looks like in Kansas.......sometimes in the mornings.......He blesses me so!!!!!

Yesterday Birch was right by my side as I was working on this wooden sign for my Tay's wedding. 

Thought it turned out sweet. You may have a problem with reading it, but the sun was shining right on me! It says......

Come as you are,
stay as long as you can,
we're all family here
so no seating plan!

We found it on Pinterest.......of course!!!!! Wink! Love many creative ladies out there!

Okay.......I am sure that you would like to find out who won the giveaway........of the Gooseberry Patch Hometown Harvest Cookbook.........

the winner is........ Nancy Wolff........
her blog is called:

you must go over and check out her will like! A lot!!!! Very helpful blog!


Thank you to all who signed up.......I love reading your comments.......makes us all a little bit closer! 

We worked on the Sanctuary yesterday..all day! Thought you might like to see a pic.......we got the roof up and will get the back part (where you see the opening). The boys who are helping will finish that and the bannister later. It is almost done.......we got another load of wood chips for the front of the sanctuary. .......those will all be leveled. Will look so pretty.......this week and next we will work on the reception. That will be fun also!

My sister is coming to the wedding!!!!!!!! She is on a new med and it has been helping her so much......she walked up 16 steps the other day......she couldn't do that at all sometime back! Thankful to the Lord for all His help in her life.....thank you to all who have prayed for her. 

Today is SONday and it is time to get myself ready to go to your day is a sweet one!

Also......talked with the sisters last night of Marian......she is going to be with our Heavenly Father soon......her body is shutting down.......I am so grateful for the time we have had with each other.....sharing, crying and hearing her wishes she is leaving with her family members and myself. What a gift that we have had together......we will be united again someday and live with each other forever in heaven. We both have that promise from the Lord.......she will be totally healed when she goes HOME! Praise be to our Jesus who came to wipe away sin for those who put their trust in Him alone for their salvation! 

Love you, 



  1. Congratulations Nancy Wolff! I know she will be excited, especially coming from you Linda. The sanctuary is coming along nicely, and love your sign! Exciting times ahead! I am praying for Marian's family, I know they will miss her, but she will know longer be in pain! Praise be to the Father!
    Hugs and blessings to you

  2. Congratulations to Nancy on winning the giveaway :) :) :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  3. I am thrilled to have won this giveaway! I'm going to have such fun with it! thanks again for the opportunity!

  4. I love your giveaways! Nancy was a lucky lady!


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