Friday, October 4, 2013

Hope You Have A Sweet Day Today!

Hello sweet ladies,

Just a little note to remind you of the Gooseberry Patch and Prairie Flower Farm Party going on here! 

You can go here to sign up, if you haven't already! It is so full of beautiful recipes for your fall cooking!

My girls have been laying so good lately.......the weather is cooling down a bit so they are blessing me with beautiful eggs. One of my favorite things every day is going to the Girls Hen House and gathering eggs! I sell my eggs at the college to some of the me a little "egg money". 

Well.......I am off to work at the college. I have been excited for some of the students who are taking a stand for Christ! It has been precious as I work at my station how many come up to either tell me what is going on or asking if I need prayer! 

Two weeks until the wedding.......can't believe it is almost here and my sweet girl will be setting up her own home with her precious husband! I have been praying so!!!!!! My emotions and hers are the end of our mixed. She and I are so excited though for all the fun we will have on that day and memories that we will all be making as two families! Thank you so for praying! 

Tonight I will go down and see my sweet friend Marian. Yesterday she took a turn for the sure can be hard!

You are all in my your day will be a sweet one!

Hugs and God bless your day,



  1. Oh, Linda,
    I'm so excited for the wedding coming up soon. It'll be fabulous. Who knows? Maybe others will want to have a wedding on your farm :) :) :)

    I'm going to check out the Gooseberry Patch party :) :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  2. Hi Linda
    I'm sure you will have lots of fun pictures to share of the wedding. I cant wait to see the dress. :) Praying for beautiful weather.
    God bless you all


  3. Just 2 more weeks!!!! Exciting and stressful for sure. We want to see lots and lots of pictures.

  4. Oh Linda I am sad about Marian! Always praying but we know the Lord hold her hand in all of this! I have cried about everything lately. Watching a movie, "A League Of Their Own", reminds me of my sweet mother. She played baseball and loved it as a young gal! Crying bout missing Nick. He received his scholarship money from the lodge we belong to. He was happy, I breathed easier, no extra money to give him. Pray , I would like to find extra work. Trying to restart my MaryKay and Princess House businesses. Whatever I can do to bring in extra money.
    Love your relationship with your sweet daughter(s). You both will be fine because I bet she will be near you. How exciting a young couple setting up housekeeping. You will have your precious other girl with you. I know how you love them and how wonderfully they have been raised. You are a remarkable woman with an equally remarkable husband. I will email later. Or I will write a novel here! Love you! Blessings, Anne


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