Monday, September 28, 2009

National Good Neighbor Day!

Here is my gift for my neighbor. I think it turned out so cute!!!!!! I will be using this idea in the Potter's Shed when we have company. Wouldn't this be so pretty with about three of them going down the center of the table? My flowers are so bright and beautiful now. They always look so pretty in the fall. We have been having some very nice rains and cool nights. I love it!!!!

Pick out your pumpkin from your pumpkin patch or from a Farmer's Market.

Using a sharp knife cut out a top on the pumpkin.

Clean out your pumpkin. Use a jar that will fit inside the pumpkin. Fill jar with water. Either pick your flowers from your own flower garden or get some from the florist. I also tied a ribbon around the jar. I think it topped the bouquet off. I love the way the pumpkin turned out. I am sure my neighbor is going to like it. It will be fun to surprise her today!!
Oh by the way, I tried to get this done for Monday. I have to have the post in before 1:00 in order for it to go up for that day. I went to go use the camera and you guessed it, it was out of battery. Grrrrr! I just kept moving and didn't let it get me down!
Wish you were all my next door neighbor!!!!!!! Smile


  1. Dear Linda!

    That is TOO CUTE! I love it and the flowers you chose are PERFECT! Thanks for sharing your idea and pictorial with us :)

    Have an awesome day in the Lord and thank you for your kind words :)

    Oh, I had mentioned in an e-mail to you but perhaps you didn't see it: The Lemon Verbbena didn't make it :( I did however manage to dry some leaves so I plan on making the bread with that.) Thanks again and I'm sorry :(


  2. Hmm...this did make it on Monday. :)

  3. Too funny, Linda, about wishing we were all your neighbors, because when I read your post on SPFH, I almost commented "wish I was your neighbor!" I didn't because really I wish I was without the beautiful pumpkin, even.....just because you're you!

    Love, JeanM from SPFH

  4. OH my!! I wish I was your neighbor! That's is just so pretty! :)

  5. Sharon, SPFH, is Sugarpie Farmhouse, a forum that Linda knows me from! If I just sign, Jean, I wasn't sure she'd know who I was!

    Jean :-)

  6. Linda, I love the pumpkin flower for your neighbor. Sure wish I had a neighbor like you! Blessings,Karen

  7. We wish you were,too! That is so wonderful. Lucky neighbor!

  8. Gosh, how beautiful is that?! I'm sure your neighbor will be thrilled with this colorful treat from your garden! Soo sweet!

  9. Dear sweet Linda, I'll bet I have the prettiest dining room table in all of Kansas!! Thank you for the beautiful blessing of the pumpkin flower arrangement, you are so creative! I have enjoyed being your neighbor for the past 17 years, it has been fun! Can you believe it has been that long?
    Love you! Gail

  10. Looks fantastic! What a great neighbor you are.

  11. Oh Linda~can I be your neighbor too!
    So beautiful and thoughtful!

  12. Your pumpkin vase is adorable! What a fantastic idea. We grew some pumpkins in the garden this year, and I think this is JUST the thing to do with them :)


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