Monday, June 10, 2013

A Morning at the Farm!

Hello........sweet ladies,

Look Momma Duck went to go on a stroll with Mr. Duck to the garden......I went over immediately to candle the eggs..she has 10 and 4 are fertile......OH PRECIOUS! I am so excited for her.......and me! 

What a busy week I had last week.......and you......did you have the same?  We are getting so much done here on the farm and I can't seem to find time . I have been working in the garden.....planting and laying more paper and I will tryyyy to get the tomato cages and stuff laid around them......tried last week......and then it rained thankful for the rain! 

This morning my sweet man went out to do some chores.....while out there.....look what he found....4 little cochin banty eggs. Now I put Henny Penny and Mr. Ro in with Birch so he would have company when his Momma Sweet Magnolia died. I was hoping that she would start a nest in the little shed. Had a big box with straw and everything for her......silly girl couldn't do that......she laid this nest right next to the shed outside without hardly any straw......and on the ground. Now that is not a good nest........right out side so a coyote could get her. She just wasn't thinking so human has to help her be smart!

So I gathered them into my nightgown......just like any farmgirl would do!

Laid the four little eggs into the wood box I had a fixed for her way back.

She hopped out and squawked at me.......I don't think she wants her nest in the box......she wants it where she made it. 

She hopped back down in the box though soon after, so that was good.

Mr. Roo went behind the box and was squawking and grumbling. I went into the hen house and gathered a few more eggs to add to her four eggs. I will take the chicks to the Yoder Auction in July. Love havin' babies on the farm!!!!!!!!

Look who is getting big.......Branch left and Lit' Bud right! They are really cute sheep! 

Awwwww......last night something got into our big hen house......maybe a possum...... sweet man thought. It was a big rooster that died......I was going to take him to the June Yoder auction.......lost some money there! 

Well, hope your day is going well......this morning on fb I put this verse up.......I love it! The part that stood out to me was the "anything according to His will He hears us". I know that He wants marriages His Name.......He wants us to walk in His gave me Hope to read this verse this morning......hope it give it to you also! 

Hugs to your day.......from my farm,



  1. You are a very busy lady, but seem to enjoy it very much.

    GOD BLESS!!!

  2. Just so happy I subscribed. Wouldn't want to miss anything.

    Our chicks (14) are doing well in our basement. They've been growing quickly. Soon they'll get to go outside for play dates in the chicken tractor. I want my son to make sure Momma Cat cannot get in first!

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  3. I am going to write this verse on my heart! I will memorize it and keep in near me. SO much going on here and I always need encouragement. Thanks for posting this.


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