Thursday, June 6, 2013

The farm is so busy!!!!!!!!

Good morning sweet ladies, well it has been one week of busy!!!!! That is fine, it's just I didn't get to blog and so here I am again......hoping that you are all doing well!!!!!!!

I had to go on a quick trip to Lawrence unexpectedly and that was such a fun trip. Saw this adorable red truck!!!!!!! Oh my! Wish they delivered for free!

While in Lawrence I got to go to a greenhouse that is up there called, Henry's Plant Farm Greenhouse. It isn't one green house, it is a lottta greenhouses, 20 in fact. Beautiful place to go and the prices were wonderful. The plants were also so healthy.  I enjoyed all the little red wheelbarrows they had..... so you could gather up all your plants. Just a sweet little touch to make it a fun place to be! They also had horses, cattle, sheep, ducks, geese, chickens and lamas for everyone to enjoy. Oh and farm cats......tooooo fun! 

Now it is planting time and the weather has been wonderful cool. Doesn't seem like summer yet! Very nice in getting some things done while it isn't so hot. 

One of our college boys has been coming out to help after his job is finished for the day. A new roof on the Milk House......isn't it beautiful? I will be painting the little house to preserve the wood for some more years.......then a little picket fence will go up so all the teenage chicks can be outside and protected. I will show the progress as it happens!!!!!!! So enjoying the has been cooler outside.....perfect for working! 

We have been getting a lot of wonderful for our garden and land! The roof was partially rained 2"'s okay Miah said because we will be putting in a new floor! 

God is so good!!!!!! They worked later in the afternoon and got one side on. Will take all the front shingle stuff (they used to use to cover the wood to protect it) off the front of the coop and then paint when all the roof is finished. 

They got the one side cut to fit......looks so nice! I am blessed and so very thankful! Our college son says he likes pecan pie......bought the ingredients.......making one today! 

This is what I saw the other night......just beautiful!!!!!!

Been doing a lot of laundry!!!!!! Praising my Lord as I look up!!!!! He is blessings my days!!!!!

My shasta daisies are so beautiful this year.........never been able to grow them like this.  I want them all over the farm at some point!!!!!!!! Hmmmmm..... think I will go transplant some down at the mailbox this morning!!!!! Will give the mail lady a smile each time she delivers our mail!

Hugs to your day....... from the FARM!!!!!!!!!


P.S. My little guy is growing!!!!!!!! Acts like a dog and follows me everywhere!!!!!!


  1. My first glance at that picture and it looked like a red truck pulling a Budweiser trailer. My first thought was LINDA!!!!!. Too funny.

  2. Love the pictures!
    Hugs and blessings!


    Marylin from FRANCE

  4. You made me think of the Mother Goose rhyme, Mary Had a Little Lamb--just change the name to Linda!! I love daisies, too!!♥♫

  5. Oh that lil Birch is sweet! He loves you like his own mother! So precious!

  6. Linda .... Hello sweet lady, I hope you're having a blessed SONday!



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