Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Tutorial for "Little Clay Pot Light" Sweet and Simple!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies,

Not last night but the night before one of my Roes hopped up into my flower basket arrangement. Then as you see another Roo asked if their was some room......silly guy...when he hopped up he went deep down into the basket.....he thought he was invisible! Going to have to break them of the habit! 

My job yesterday was to get all the greenery off the front porch. So ashamed that I hadn't found the time to do so before, but as I looked back on last much happened between Dec and's okay we were seeing the Lord do amazing things.....mor important things!  LIFE when working outside the home catches up with me. 

As I was working look at this sweet little nest I found. It has the tiniest little eggs, that had been rained on when the storms came through. The Momma was gone.....sad!

Oh my, I am having so much fun working on the farm. Started a working on the front porch. I had been out at the Potter's shed and saw all these little clay pots that someone had given to me way back.....I had an idea! All's I needed was a big gallon jar to start with!!!!!!!

I had these adorable antique little clay pots in the Potter's Shed.....a string of CHRISTmas lights and I started adding to my gallon jar  one little pot to the bottom........started adding the lights starting with the unplugged end.....added another pot and kept repeating the steps until I was happy. I think it turned out adorable!!!!!!! You could do a Beach theme and it would be adorable!!!! Really anything would work. 

I set the "Little Clay Pot Light" in a basket with a plant next to it!!!!!!!! SWEET and SIMPLE.....that is what I like! If you have some ideas on how to use it let me know.......I love learning from others! Now we can sit outside at night with a new light! Hope you like and have some ideas of your own.......this being HOME on the just way to much fun!!!!!!!! 

Hugs and God bless your day!



  1. Soooo cute Linda! What size are the pots and about how many did it take? I have a pickle jar! : ) Angela

  2. Hi Linda,
    Oh, that looks so CUTE...I think those lights would be lovely strung along the porch roof at night or between some tree branches....also at night or almost night time ; :) :) When you have them all set up, please take a photo :) :)

    What ever happened to those tiny eggs you found in the nest? Were you able to save them?

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  3. Hi Linda! What a cute idea! I need to come over more often! Life has been hectic and sometimes I get so unsettled! Sigh! Today we walked by the water near the rec center and I took my big camera (still learning to use it) and took a lot of photos of various birds! A very sweet friend from The Run *A* Round Ranch came over and named several of them for me! I was so excited! I hope you can stop by and see it. I was so proud of those pics! You have some fun times at your farm. It is always sweet to visit you here! Blessings, Anne

  4. nice idea. Yes, I can imagine it with shells from the beach. Even a whole sand dollar that I picked up from a Bible camp we were at some years ago. But not gonna put lights in mine as we don't have an outdoor electrical socket on the front of our house nor a porch. But we have a patio slab I keep dreaming of doing something with this year. And I know what you mean about catching up....I am finally back into swing with life after my trip last month. Finding time to do things that need done and I've just been procrastinating. Have a great week!

  5. Mr. Roo is so cute and cuddly! I bet he really loves lying on his lovely native basket with flowers on it. I believe you are fond of roosters, are you? Anyway, I just passed by to check what is cooking. So far everything is fine. Have a nice day!

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