Monday, May 18, 2009

A Big Day On The Farm

New Baby Chicks from the hatchery
Gail and Mark John came to my house this morning delivering my new little chicks, that we ordered months ago it seems. I ordered 3 White Cochin, White Crested Black Polish, 3 Black Cochin, 3 Golden Polish (they gave me a free one!) and 2 Black Silkies. We got them all from They are the tiniest little things. I have them off the side porch of our house, so I will enjoy the little peeping noise. There always seems to be one that finds it's peeper!

Mrs. Emma is to the left and Mrs. Cluck is to the right. If you notice there are milk jugs in the middle nest? That is because all the girls in the coop would take the nest over when the moms went to go eat. Then the mom would come back and she would go to the middle nest, because another girl would have taken her place.

Mrs. Cluck turning her eggs.
TODAY is also "hatching day" for my Momma chickens, that are both laying on eggs. Mrs. Cluck & Mrs. Emma have been sitting away for 21 days today. This morning Mrs. Cluck was turning her eggs (she has one duck egg she is sitting on). She knows just when they need to be turned and which egg needs the turning. It is so amazing to me that the Lord has ordered spring time for new life. Today will be a big day!
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  1. I enjoyed reading and catching up on your blog. You write about so many interesting things in a way that makes me feel right at home. God bless you.


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