Tuesday, May 26, 2009

He Was Very Helpful

Note by Savannah and art from Tressa when she was 5.
This note was given to me by my 9 year old grand-daughter Savannah. I couldn't believe that she had this in her heart for her Lord. I told her that I would put it on my blog to share with others. I love the end......... "He was very helpful." Is that not sooooo true? From the faith of a child. I am thinking on how important it is to share with our children and grand-children our love for our God. She is being taught and she is definitely getting it.

Thank you Savannah for reminding me of a very important truth. I want to walk in a way so you can follow. I will love you forever Savannah!

This is what her note said, if you can't read it.

Nature is great because God created it
He has provided us life, family and love/joy
Jesus is are redeaimer.
He paid for our sins.
He was very helpful.

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  1. Hey Mom, I just wanted you to know that you have done an amazing job on your blog. I pray that it will bring people closer to Christ and bless many people.

    Love you lots!


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