Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Grandson's pictures

Last Sunday for Mother's Day our children planned a picnic up on our "Kansas Mountain". It really is the highest hill in Reno County where we live, but beings I am from Alaska where the mountains were all around me it is all I have. Our middle son is in the process of buying it from the estate. It is absolutely one of my favorite places on the farm. It looks out over the fields and when the moon comes up it is a sight! Anyway, everyone hopped into trucks and up the mountain we went. The had a wonderful picnic just for me. I didn't have to do a thing. Talk about feeling loved! All my grand-babies were with me, what more could you ask. Before we went up the mountain though, one of my grandsons took these pictures. This is what I see every morning out my kitchen window. I thought he did such a wonderful job, so I told him I would put them up on my blog. I can't believe the bright yellow on the male.

Well, I am out the door to plant more tomatoes and beans. I will write later about the garden. It is coming along nicely. Can't hardly wait till the peas come up. God Bless you all. You are all in my prayers!
These are momma and daddy Gold Finches

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