Monday, October 5, 2009

Another "Grammie and Poppa Camp"

Poppa built a beautiful fire, so we could roast hotdogs and marshmallows. Sitting around the fire praying and talking helps us get to hear what is going on in our grandchildren's life and how we can better pray for them. It is one of my favorite times.

Poppa carved their names into their walking sticks, that he got for them out in Colorado. They kept them by their sides most of the weekend.

Everyone smelled so bad from the fire, I felt like they needed to take a shower so I wanted them to be clean in the morning for church. We were all going to sleep in our "Mail Barn" in the lofts. Boys on one side with Poppa and myself and the girls on the other side. When it is time to go to bed, I have always told them a made up story about Mr. and Mrs. Toad Frog. The story is always about them and Mr. and Mrs. who live in a big tree by our house with their 7 children. We go on trips all over. I try to have practical life character building stories and they can't wait to hear another one. Instead we read Goose Eggs by E.J. Taylor this evening. I have read this book to all my children. It is pretend, but so sweet. Another book is Ivy Cottage. There is another one, but I didn't care for it. The story is about two rag dolls. Miss Biscuits, Ruby
Buttons and Violet Pickles. We ended the evening with prayer. My grandchildren are so precious to me and my hearts desire is that they will grow up and fear and love their Heavenly Father. That they will come to him for salvation that was paid at Calvary.
Oh, may the Lord give me the desire of my heart. Lights out, until another day!
We got up in the morning and 3 of the children forgot church clothes. Sometimes we do just stay home with them all and have church at home, so there was a mix up. We ended up staying home and had a wonderful time. Poppa taught us about "seeking first the kingdom of God". The fact that you had to get in the Bible everyday to learn those things the Lord wants you know. It was a very special time for all of us. I am so thankful for a Poppa that loves the Lord!!
This chair and bench are at the entrance of the "Mail Barn' (my work area with all my fabrics, crafts and supplies). The kids made it more inviting.

Later on that afternoon we got ready for their parents, who were coming for Sunday dinner.
They all helped getting the farm ready. They added more pumpkins and gourds to the chair and bench. They had so much fun doing so. They also had jars with little votive candles at the entrance.

This isn't the best picture, but I love seeing them work along side their Poppa. They love the farm and now appreciate all the hard work they did when they helped plant the garden. We can teach them that there are rewards from their Heavenly Father and hard work! He gives us one seed and He produces so much more for us. Amazing, He is so good and we want our grandchildren to know that.
Home grown potatoes were dug by Poppa and grandkids. They even washed them up for me, so I could cook them. We leave the peels on when we make mashed potatoes. They were wonderful with chicken gravy on top!!! We do not eat fried chicken very often in fact hardly ever, but I tell you it was sooooo wonderful. I fried up 3 whole chickens plus 20 chicken legs. The grand kids had worked up an appetite by the time we ate.
The children and my daughter in love went to the garden and picked corn. It is sweet corn and you can almost eat it uncooked. It was delicious.

Here is a picture of the table. I love how I can design fabric for the holidays. I am a blessed women. I honestly can't believe that I get to do some of the things I do. I am truly so grateful.
I gave the little girls decorations to make the table look pretty. They had little mason jars with tea lights all down the table with little white pumpkins in between. It looked so sweet. Training them to make sure that their tables can be decorated inexpensively. They also hung lights all around the inside, so we could eat with just candles and lights. It was so pretty.
My sweet friend Alicia gave me this salt and pepper shaker for the my fall holidays.
Are they not the cutest?
I found these dishes at a store by us. They were priced so nice and my sweetie husband
bought me dishes for our family dinners. They are sooooo beautiful and you guessed it, RED!
The grandkids sang for their parents, as they all sat in the loft of our "mail barn"

Ending the evening with the children singing some of their favorite praise songs to their parents topped the evening off. It was a weekend that I trust the grandchildren will tuck in their hearts and someday they will invest in their children and grandchildren
the way it has been for them.

I went out this morning to clean up and it was so quiet. I love it when there is lots of laughter and so I will wait for next time. We will be having a snowman party for the next party. We have one of those every year and I will have to get busy coming up with some ideas. If you have any ideas let me know!


  1. SOunds like a beautiful weekend!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful, just beautiful!
    What a blessed weekend you had. Loved all the pictures, and those red dishes. What a nice gift from your husband.
    Blessings dear friend, and have a very wonderful rest of the fall season.
    Fine Linen

  3. Do you need another grandchild? She is quite older than the ones you have but she sure would enjoy all the things yall do with your grand kids! I sure miss my grandparents my papa died about 5yrs ago and my grandmother is in a nursing home and really cant do anything, but I remember the fun times I spent with them. I know your grandkids will cherish the fun times you and you hubby spend with them. They are so very lucky to have such wonderful christian grandparents. Thanks for sharing your special time with us.
    I love all your fall decor its just beautiful!
    Hope you have a great week. Blessings,Karen/Ga Girl

  4. You are so blessed with such a wonderful family. Loved the pictures and hearing about your blessed family time! -Tammy

  5. What a perfect day! I can't wait to have grand babies/kids, what a blessing.
    I love the pumpkin fabric on your table. :)


  6. Hi Linda, I have four grand daughters, but you are waaaay ahead of me. How blessed you are is right.
    Love all your picutres, love the red dinnerware. where did you get that? Everything looks so nice.
    Nancy Jo

  7. I got it at a store called Dillon's It is a super market here. I think in other places it is called Kroger Stores. They are in white, sage and red. I just love the red. I already have white of a different design. I would really like the white because some of my bowls are chipped. Maybe I can get a few. It is going to be so nice to entertain. Blessings Nancy Jo!

  8. Your entire home and family are so beautiful. Thank-you for sharing with us. I aslo love the red dishes and the things in your store are fabulous! I'm going to keep coming back here!

  9. Wow! What great memories you are making...those kids will remember "camp" for a lifetime! Not only will your grandkids tuck this memory in their hearts, but I will too...You are the kind of Grandparents I want to be when I grow up! I have a long way to go (my son is seven) but what an example you set! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see Snowman camp!

    Your Sugar Pie Sister

  10. What wonderful pictures. I love the table setting!
    Yes~you are blessed!

  11. Oh my goodness....soooo sweet!!! :) Your grandkids look so incredibly SWEET! :) What a wonderful time you all seemed to have! I love that you stayed home from church and Poppa did the sermon at home!!! :o)
    I love all the pics and the table setting is wonderful! :) What wonderful memories!

  12. You are truly and inspiration. I hope to some day do those wonderful things with my grandchildren. I love how you called your DIL, Daughter in Love,that is so sweet. The children did a fabulous job making the table so festive. I absolutely LOVE those red place settings.

  13. What a beautiful post! How wonderful to be giving your grandchildren memories to pass on to their grandchildren and passing on your love of God to them - what a gift!
    We can only pray that with our six blessings thus far, that we will be blessed with many grandchildren as well.
    I found your blog from Girlhood Companion and my family and I enjoyed your farmers market article as that is what we also do but not as eloquently as you (yet!).
    Many,many thanks and warm wishes,

  14. Oh Linda! How precious!

    I LOVE that you and Poppa have this special time with the kids, just wonderful! What a blessing for all.

    The kids did a wonderful job decorating with the gourds and pumpkins :)I love the photo of your grandkids in the loft :)

    You table looks so inviting! The Salt & pepper shaker are just adorable! The red dishes from your honey are beautiful :)

    Thanks so much for opening up your home Linda, what a blessing!

    I'm with Karen (GAGirl) do you need another grandchild? :) pretty please?

    Blessings to you!

  15. Dear Linda ~
    You are an inspiration to me...I hope to be a good and godly Grandma one day (a LONG time from now) ;-)! I appreciate your desire to see your grandchildren go on with the Lord...such a wonderful legacy!

    What incredibly special memories you are making with those children...I agree with the others...they will remember them for a lifetime!!


  16. This is the kind of thing my husband and I dream of! Thank you for sharing, it was like you played out what we would do, thanks for the vision.


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