Friday, October 2, 2009


What I want to do is give away 3 lined chicken curtains, that will measures 8"x44". I will choose 3 different ladies. You just need to leave me a comment on whether or not you would use it in your chicken coop or in another place (kitchen, laundry room......). Sooooooo simple. You will need to buy a cafe rod to put it up though. For those of you who have followed my blog from the beginning, knew that I wanted to make a curtain for my hen house, using my fabric line called "A Farmer's Market" (fabric is the same as the clothespin bag). This spring and summer brought a lot of busyness to my life, not that I am not busy now and I am just now getting my curtain done.
I just love my curtain. It is so cheery to go in my hen house now.
Is she so precious? I love this artist's work. Her name is N. A. Noel. The picture was damaged, so I put it in my hen house. Isn't it lovely? It is so nice to gather my eggs with that on the wall.
My mud boots have had so much use on my farm. I love them and they have polka dots...... I love polka dots, but you already know that. Now come and sign up and I will do the drawing next Saturday the 12th at noon! I will let everyone know who won. Remember 3 winners one curtain each. Thank you everyone for coming over and reading my blog. You again are the most precious ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh what cute curtains! I would have to put that either in my bathroom or in the kitchen! They are just too cute! Love the pic in your henhouse too. Hope you have a great weekend! Blessings,Karen

  2. Love the cute curtains, well I'll say to say that I love chicken, and you're making a hard question to me, because I have chicken everywhere. I have chicken in my kitchen, I have them in my living room, and have the funny and cute chicken in my bathroom!, I even have a chicken jammie, and sleepers, lol. But you're asking about where are we suppose to put the curtain and I'll choose the kitchen, my bedroom, the guest bathroom or the laundry room, I know it will look terrific with it!

  3. Hmmm...that is a good question. My coops are small..and my windows are tiny, so that is out. But I love the decorating coop idea. I mean...come on! Do they not deserve a pretty house too??? :0)

    I guess I would probably put it in our guest cabin we are fixing up. I have been thinking about decorating it with chicken stuff. I even thought about putting chicken wire over the window that does not open.LOL.

    Have a great day!

  4. What beautiful curtains, and what a lovely idea to put them in your coop! I know exactly where they would go in my home. I have but one lone window in my kitchen, that has stood bare for over a year waiting for me to make a little curtain that would befit a kitchen filled with hens and roosters, but with 4 homeschooled children under 9, it has not made it to my sewing table.

    I love my hens and roosters, even if they are not real, it gives me hope of real feathered friends one day.

    Have a blessed weekend!

    In His Grace,

  5. Hi Linda,Id LOVE a new curtain for my bathroom.So please enter me! Thankyou so much for your kindness :0)

  6. What a cute post! I love that poster! Lets see, I would use those in my house for sure! Maybe even my kitchen!

  7. Okay Linda! If I win your drawing, I'll put the curtains in my kitchen. It's about time for me to do another giveaway, isn't it? Since my machine is broken, I'm thinking fabric . . .
    Have a great weekend!

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  9. I have chicken curtains in my kitchen, and would love these pretty ones to put in either my pantry or laundry room!

  10. It's beautiful! You know I love chickens! Is it bad that I would rather put it in my kitchen than in their coop? Your chickens have a nice coop with a curtain and a picture hung up. Thanks for the chance!

  11. I know the perfect place for those adorable curtains!... Right on my kitchen side door that leads to our screen porch! It is funny, I have been trying to decide what curtains to put up on the door as it has a glass window. That has been four years now! I even already installed the curtain rod on it.. four years ago! I had been contemplating on sewing some muslin and crochet the edging but that was four years ago!

    Linda, I must say that your curtains are perfectly "happy" and adorable!

    Thank you for the offer of the give-away. I wish all good luck!

  12. Now Linda I thought I was the only one not getting around to decorating my chicken coop this summer as planned.

    I would be so proud to have this in my coop and I have the perfect window for it!! My hens would love it too! They would be so daggum happy that they would really lay a lot of eggs for me then!!!!!

    Thank you for the chance to win!!

    Farmgirl hugs,

  13. Linda, I love the curtain and would love to have some of "your" fabric! I would use it in my kitchen!

    I, also, love the picture of the precious girl! So sweet and so what I know of you!

    God bless you, dear Linda!


  14. Oh I would use that in my dining room or kitchen. Or maybe the pantry! WHat a neat giveaway and such a nice way to bless others!

    sugar pie sister

  15. Hey Linda, it's Sandy from Loveyatostitches! That curtain would look good in my new painted kitchen! Thanks for the giveaway! I would do a giveaway but I don't have enough traffic on my blog to do one. Maybe later on. Have a good weekend!

  16. Oh such a wonderful drawing. Please count me in.
    I love the photos of your little farm. Thanks for sharing!
    Autumn Blessings~

  17. Well I wish I could use the curtain in a chicken coop but I can't. I live in the city but this summer there was a big to do about raising chickens here and the people won. But there are so many does and donts including all surrounding neighbors must agree to it (The guy behind me "No Way"!

    So if I were to win I would use the curtains in my laundry room. Well, at least there I would see them probably several times a day!

    Sue Feely
    Sister #349

  18. What a great giveaway! If I won this, I would give it to my best friend for her new chicken coop. We have started to decorate the girls' home already. My son (7yrs old ) tells her "Never trust a chicken" so we wrote that on the windows of the coop and let the kids draw chicken feet! This curtain would add a warm touch to her hen house!
    Your Sugar Pie Sister,

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  20. OOh adorable! I would use them in my kitchen. I have roosters,barns, piggies, and all sorts of fun farm things. :) I have a window over my kitchen sink they would be perfect for. What fun and how sweet of you to host this!! :)
    Jessie --CRsHelpmeet@MaryJanesFarm

  21. Oh! my! would one of those ever be cute in our laundry/mudroom, which is connected to our kitchen, which is decorated with "Chickens" Our laundry/mudroom is currently under construction and has one new window, looking for a cute valance.

    You are inspiring, with all your creations and give aways. Please enter my name and I'll cross my fingers and toes.*wink*

    Blessings from,
    The Never Done Farm

  22. Oh what cute curtains! I would use them in my kitchen. Now I DO love the idea also of a curtain for the chicken coop too (which I shall have in Spring 2010 :)).

    I love that N.A. Noel print. I have a similar one, but the girl is holding a kitty cat. In fact, I had that put away for awhile but you've inspired me to bring it back out. Just love that artist.

    Thanks for always brightening my day :) Blessings to you and yours... -Tammy

  23. Thanks for bringing N.A. Noel to my attention - love that print!
    One of my grandpunks has a chicken project, called "Collin's Cluckers". He sells his pasture-produced eggs, and puts the profits into his mission fund. In his hen house, there is a two-tier bank of 10 "brooder" nests, each with it's own cozy nest box for hatching chicks. I can see this cute curtain along the top of the momma boxes! And if it's on a rod, it can be taken with us to the Farmer's Market each week, where the eggs are sold! How cute is that!

  24. Oh so cute. Your coop is darling:) I'm sure your ladies are quite happy!
    Your curtains are lovely. I am re-doing my family room in a chicken/farm theme. It is so cozy. I only have one window and one door so I would use that curtain on my door I think!
    Your blog is great, Thanks for sharing.


  25. Love your coop curtains! What a lovely blog. If I had them, I would probably put them up either in my dining room (which is chicken themed) or my craft room, so I could see them often as I'm working.
    Thanks for the chance, Kimberly Ann

  26. I love them!!! Please enter me to win!!!

    I love the polka dot garden boots too. I need to get a pair.


  27. I absolutely loved your clothespin keeper out of this fabric and now these curtains are ever cutier!!! I would put them in my hen house for sure since I am in need of some out there and those would just make it look wonderful. I can not find your fabric to buy maybe you could point me in the right direction to do that too!!! love love love it....Beverley

  28. Hello Sweet Linda!

    I LOVE your mud boots! What a cute picture! I need to get me a pair! I will get right back with you on how many Kleenex holders I want! Glad you are making them because they are sooooooo cute!


  29. Hi Linda,
    I love the curtains! I think I would use them in my sewing/quilting room. :)
    Like I said in another comment on your blog, I love that pumpkin fabric!
    Thanks for letting me about the giveaway. I've been so busy with the quilt show that I missed a lot in the last few days. :)



  30. Those curtains are certainly something to "cluck" about. I would love to be considered in your giveaway. I would put it in the laundry room above my chalkboard...trying to make that room an old fashioned laundry-looking room. Thanks!


  31. Oh my gosh!!!!! I would LOVVVVVVVVVEEEE to win this! It would match the clothespin bag I got from you!!!! I would TOTALLY use it in my hen house!!! Absolutely fantastic!!!!! ALSO...I just wanted to tell mud boots look very similar to yours!!!! Black with white polka dots!!! LOL :o)

  32. piddlin sweetie from Mary Janes Farm ForumOctober 7, 2009 at 8:52 PM

    hello, I popped over from Mary Jane's and was reading all about your chicken coop curtains.. I asked my son (who is 10)if he would like curtains in our coop and he flat out told me that we "could not disturb the hen that is laying" "so we could not put them up" But honestly this Ky Mama just loves the idea of dressing up the chicken coop. I will put that on my "Mama do list"... thanks so much! piddlin Sweetie

  33. This would look lovely in our pantry doorway!
    Many thanks for sharing your beautiful creations.
    Warm wishes,

  34. Good Morning Linda!

    Thank you for entering me in your generous giveaway :) the curtains are so sweet! You are one talented and creative lady :) I don't have a hen house so I would probably hang the curtain (if I should win :)) on my back door or perhaps between rooms in a doorway. I would have to play around :)

    The print is just beautiful and I love your muck boots and the galvanized pail :)


  35. These are lovely curtains and I would use them in my kitchen! This would give such a nice country touch. Love your blog to, so thanks a lot for sharing!Have a great day!

  36. The curtains are great - I am going to repaper my kitchen and paint my cupboards, would love to win the curtains and use them as a palette for my color scheme. Thanks so much for the give away.

  37. Several years ago I started to collect chicken things for a new kitchen that would be in the new house we were planning to build. I never got the new house built but God blessed me with a new house. So now I have my collection of chicken plates, bowls and cups and chicken border in my new kitchen. It started out small and has grown beyond what I planned to do. I even have chickens in the dinning room!

  38. Oh how fun all of these comments are!!!! I, too, would love to have the curtains but I do believe that all the other comments are much better than mine! I would also put them in my laundry room where I am lucky enough to have your clothes pin hanger. It looks so sweet up against my red wall. My "pretend" chicken Emily now has a "pretend" rooster, but we don't tell them that they are not real. We have yet to name the rooster so if you come up with a good name girls...let me know! I'll find a "pretend" egg to give to the winner! I "crack" myself up!

  39. My coop is so bare, and the chickens in there,
    said some curtains would be a delight.
    So they told me to write, and ask if you might,
    send a curtain to block out the night.
    Fern was insisent and Sophie was blunt,
    and Maddie was quietly pleading,
    they said if I didn't then eggs would be hidden,
    because curtains was what they were needing.
    They said ask this nice girl, Linda,
    if she kindly senda a curtain to bright our digs.
    Cause we need some color, these walls are just duller,
    so write and if you have to just beg.
    So, Linda, I'm humble though my hens heard me grumble, since they've forced me to write this and beg.
    But my eggs are so precious, and really delicious,
    so I'm caught between a rock and their eggs.
    So I'll graciously ask, for these hens that harass,
    their owner that's been nothing but nice to them,
    and if you would send a curtain they'd know I asked for certain,
    and laying is what they would do then.

    So here's the humble plea
    from obnoxious hens numbered three.

    Sincerely, Poo Shoes from Poo Shoe Farm

    P.S. I would send you a pic of the curtains in their coop if the hens request was successful

  40. oops, I see the hens request was a little late.
    Their puter was down for a couple weeks, and Fern just got it up and running in the coop last night. They just got all excited when they were surfing the nest, and saw "chicken curtain giveaway." I'll explain to them, Linda. I know Sophie's gonna be lying prostrate with a kercheif to her feathered brow sighing deeply in her nest box, but she'll get over it. She's such a drama hen.

    Thanks anyway, Poo Shoes from Poo Shoe Farm

  41. Leila, So sorry you missed the drawing. I can just picture your girly! Tell her that I sell the fabric for $6.50 a yard plus 1.50 shipping and you would only need a 1/4 of a yd for the curtain. I hope this helps. Tell Sophie she has some other nesters in Kansas that appreciate her drama. Going out now to see what they have laid. It was Sunday and I didn't get the eggs gathered. I love the abundance on Monday's.

    I tried to come over to your blog. I wasn't able to get in.

    Blessings, Linda


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