Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blog Party At "She Looketh Well"

Michelle from shelookethwell is having "A Mini Party and Giveaway. She said "that she is needing a little fun in her life right now". So lets do that for her!!!!!! It doesn't look hard to do. We only have today and tomorrow, sorry, I just found out about it today from Camille, Flowers in His Garden. Go to the blogs and enjoy!

I guess I need to explain a little. Michelle over at She Looketh Well is having every one tell alittle about who we are and why we blog on our blog........

So here goes, who am I? I am a momma of 5 precious children on earth and two in heaven, 3 wonderful daughter in loves, grammie of 9 adorable grandchildren, married to the love of my life, for 35 years!! I am a princess of the King of Kings and will enjoy living with Him for eternity in heaven. I can't wait to see how He has fixed up His place for those who want to be a part of His kingdom. I stand at awe of His love for us. I want to live out my life for Him.

The reason I blog, is because I want to be able to love and encourage women from my home. I live on a farm and don't get out much, because of all the responsibilities here, so this gives me a creative outlet to journal my daily life, loving my family and friends. As I do that my prayer is that the things I do might bless other grammies and mommies to maybe take a little idea and put it into their home. I love to make things pretty in our little farm house, that we just inherited from my honey's parents. It is going to be a lot of fun to start ripping up old carpets, paint walls and make it look like our home. You will be able to go on that adventure with us if you like.

I still have 2 daughters at home that I am investing my life into to prepare them to be keepers at home when the Lord brings them their husbands (if that is His will). They are learning to can, grow a garden, keep a house, cook and probably more than I know. My husband and I want them to have their own faith, that will carry them through the path that the Lord has for them. Teaching them who Jesus is and His Word is a major priority for us.

We also do Farmer's Market now that the farm has been divided, and my blogging will be our journey on what the Lord has for us during this season of our life! We have blogged about Farmer's Market.

Design for a fabric company that is located in New York has been a real blessing. It just happened and I never thought I would ever do that sort of thing. I have been doing that for 15 years now and can stay at my home and still enjoy farm life with my family. We also have a store on the web called PeaceCreek Collections Store. We carry some of our patterns and hand crafted products, that I have designed for sale. We will be adding new designs to it all the time. Hopefully new items will be up today or tomorrow. We always wanted to have a blog and a store and now we do. We have been blogging since April and I wish I would of done this along time ago. I love the ladies that have come into my life. It is a wonderful way to express who you are. As I train my precious daughters I will blog what we do like recipes, decorating and just things that happen in a day at Prairie Flower Farm. Blogging has truly been a gift to me.

I have had hard times and blessings, both have been used by the Lord to make me in His image. May I represent Him with my life, as I blog and share with all who come to my blog.
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  1. Hi Linda!

    I love the look of your blog is so cheerful! Thanks for linking back to my blog...that was sweet of you!! :)

    I have enjoyed reading more about you have so many life experiences...what a blessing to have the Lord to look to through them is a testimony of His goodness.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. I enjoyed your post so much!! Since I am new to your blog you did a great job catching me up and sharing your heart desires with us all....such a blessing! Thanks again..

  3. Dear Linda,
    Your post was a blessing. Thank you. As I am in a different season of my life with six children ages 20 months through 15 1/2, I often have to put my artistic/craft ambitions on hold. Although, I am able to use some of them to supplement our family's income and to make gifts, and teach our children.
    I am very excited to have found your blog and thank you for taking the time to share your faith.

  4. Good Morning Linda,

    It's nice learning even more about you! You are a beautiful lady both inside and out . Your love for the Lord shows :) The Lord is faithful to provide for us and He blesses us beyond what we could ever hope for or imagine :)

    Have a blessed weekend!


  5. Nice to meet you! Hope you are having a wonderful. Looks like you have a great life, one lived with purpose.

    God Bless,

  6. I also like to love and encourage people from my home. I am a busy homemaker and mother to my six children, wife to a busy firefighter. I don't have time or the money to pay for daycare to do a lot of church activities. God has used blogs in my life to keep me in contact with other wonderful women who are in the same boat I am in. I just love it!

    It's so nice to meet you. You have a beautiful blog!

  7. I love reading other Christian womens blogs and a farming one at that! It is the way to my heart! :) Loved the Grammy and Poppa camp post. That sounded like such a wonderful time spent with your family.

  8. Oh Linda I love your are as beautiful as you sound on your blog...
    I look forward to your posts each dy..they are so uplifting!!

    Bless you dear friend,

  9. Your blog certainly has accomplished it's goal, Linda. You both encourage and inspire me in my journey as Keeper at Home. Your posts have made me rejoice and reflect, sometimes giggle, but most importantly remind me to daily walk with our Savior and trust. You are beautiful inside and outside dear sister!

    Many blessings, Delinda Lea

  10. Linda,
    I just read your post about why you blog. Your words brought a tear to my eye and I loved your sentiments. All the best,

  11. Judy Douglas Flynn I love all of your pictures you share...also your daily news...and emails I receive!~!~!~! would love to visit your farm!!! and meet you..also all of your sweet animals!~!~!~!~!Happy Day~!~!~!


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